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For a long time, representation was considered as the limitation of the visual art. Attempts to be free from the restraint lie at the root of the development of abstract art. To examine several appearances of abstract, how they developed as of now, <Beyond Visibility> sheds light on several parts of abstract art. The exhibition gives a sneak peek into the almost meditative work process of art creation, labor intensive repetitive acts and craftsmanship, which is oftentimes rather neglected n the contemporary art.


Yong R. Kwon’s ceaseless experiment with light led him to produce a unique ‘Visual unit’. By being arrayed on the canvas plane, those units create the warm but sharp and sensitive surface. Artworks are existing as an actual support of the light, and they contain light.


The basic element of Ilhwa Kim’s visual language is the “seed”, which is made of hand dyed Korean traditional Mulberry paper. This “Seed” is a metaphor for the potential energy that forms the world.


Chan-il Kim challenges the flatness of painting. The small delicate sculptures budding from the surface of the canvas are made by artist’s own hands with tools like a rivet and a hammer. Vibrating on the surface, they flow silently. His Artworks are both the object and the result of the experiment on de-painterly plane.


Sooyeon Hong constructs the condensed temporality on the surface of the painting. Through the posed, but simultaneously active flow of the paint, Sooyeon reconstructs the plane with multiple overlapping layers. By revealing the moving clotty-lumpy shapes, the layers of images arise excitement and emotional tension.


Those Artists’ constant labor from the meditative attitude is expressed in repetitive visual elements. The process of perceiving their physical attributes is frequently accompanied by the sensation that stirs emotions. Beyond the visibility, the artwork’s resonant synesthetic will ignites a intuitive energy in the audience. Gallery Huue hopes <Beyond Visibility> give a chance to experience the various strategies which artist apply to their works, and to take a look at how abstract art affects with human’s perceptions and resonates in space.