HUUE, a specialist in Contemporary Art & Craft

Gallery HUUE, based in Singapore, first opened its doors under the name Art On gallery in 2010. We specialize in contemporary arts and crafts and provide total art consulting services from space analysis, art selection, installation and after services. We are proud of our strong reputation we’ve built amongst our clients for providing friendly and tailored services.

Our work does not stop at merely displaying and selling artworks. We constantly challenge ourselves and the art community by introducing talented artists through various exhibitions and projects who are evolving the world of contemporary art and the bigger art community with state-of-the-art deviations.

Our space will host these exhibitions on a more frequent basis going forward. Our ambition is to establish our name in Singapore and, furthermore in the Asian art community, by the continuous discovering and nurturing talented artists from East Asia and beyond.

In Korean, the word “Huue 휴 休 ” holds an artistic value of being in a restful and meditative state. We want our gallery to be a place where visitors can experience the meaning of the word “Huue” by escaping the busy world to retreat into a relaxed atmosphere dedicated to art, tranquility and beauty. Our mission is to bring the magic of art to everyday spaces and enrich people’s lives. Our new gallery space is a not a typical cold white-cube gallery, but warm area with an accumulation of fine art and crafts around every corner; it offers visitors a relaxed atmosphere where one can truly feel at ease as they enjoy the collections.


Huue Art Consulting, Singapore and worldwide.

With ever increasing interest on how to configure and decorate spaces that we live and work in, Gallery Huue specializes in providing professional art consulting services in Singapore. Our service does not merely stop at advising on selections of art, we also provide total art consulting services from space analysis to installation and after services. With our client’s vision, purpose, and preferences in mind throughout the process, we create a useable and balanced space that brings joy and ease to the mind. We also a work with corporations, hospitals and hotels to decorate commercial spaces providing exceptional service that includes digital simulations, which ensure that our clients are satisfied upon completion of the job. See our past projects