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Young Revolution


Young Revolution

Showcasing 19 Young Contemporary Artists From Korea

Youths are ‘Revolutionary’. In this sense, they are consistently yearning for something new or looking to confront and overcome challenges. To celebrate the ‘revolutionary youths’, Young Revolution opens its first series of exhibitions in 2014.

This exhibition, “2014 Young Revolution”, features selection of works from Korean artists aged between 25 to 35 years who, by their use of diverse range of mediums and concepts, have challenged the parameters of Korean contemporary art. The artworks are dynamic in their perception and diverse in their expression which unequivocally displays traits fitting to the generation of these artists. Through eclectic genre of artworks including painting, sculpture, oriental painting, photography, video art and ceramics, “2014 Young Revolution” presents a glimpse of the future of Korean contemporary art in the heart of Singapore.

With rapid developments in contemporary art in both Korea and Singapore, this exhibition endeavors to provide a platform on which to exchange artistic communion between the two countries and to provide next generation of young and inspirational artists an opportunity to expose their uniqueness to the wider audience.

Heawon Kim, Curator of Art On Gallery


Jung Soo Hee    Kang JunYoung     Kim Byung Joo    Kim Eun Mi

Paik Seung Min   Park Ji Hye   Park Jin Hee   Lee Ji Young

Oh Je Hoon   Hur Young Sung   Song Yulim    Yoo Eui Jeong

Kwak Su Yeon   Song Daria   Lee Yun Hee   Yi Eun Chae

Chang Mirinae    Chun Chang Hwan   Joo Jeong Min


ION Art Gallery, Level 4, ION Orchard, Singapore


10am – 10pm daily

Exhibition Period

22 January – 28 January 2014