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When asked what makes him draw plum blossoms, Young Rok Sung replies “its mesmerizing fragrance.” He says it was so overwhelming and intoxicating when he first smelled it, that he now travels around Korea visiting them during their full blossom each year. Young Rok’s paintings at first draw the viewers’ attention with its splendor colors, but it also has a subtle touch of sadness in its look. Plum blossoms have short life span, coming and going in less than 3 weeks. During those three short weeks, it shows its heartbreaking beauty… but after that it soon becomes one’s yearning and longing. Or perhaps it’s the distance between the plum blossom and the distant mountains, the artist and the ideal world, separated by the stream, the reality. His work elegantly recreates these beautiful plum blossoms set in nature through traditional Korean style water color painting, using gold and silver powders and elaborately drawing layers and layers of water waves using oriental ink on Korean traditional paper. When he was just over thirty years of age, Sung was invited by Italian luxury brand ETRO in Korea for an invitation exhibition. Since then he has been reinforcing his reputation through numerous invitations for exhibitions and art fairs. He is often cited as “the CEO’s favorite artist”, demonstrating his popularity with important collectors in Korea.


2004   B.F.A., Oriental Art, Mokwon University, Korea
2002   M.F.A., Oriental Art, Hong-Ik University Graduate Schools, Seoul, Korea


2013   Reminiscence, remember the beautiful moment.,Grimson gallery, Seoul, Korea
2010   So beautiful,It’s sad… Grand open, Baekwoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2008   Let’s keep each other in our hearts forever, Gallery Hyun, Seoul, Korea 2007   Cette huer la cette place la, Gallery Hyun, Seoul, Korea
2006   It is raining just like I miss you, Gallery fifteen, Seoul, Korea
2009   Ambiguous wall, Kunstraum, Seoul, Korea


2014   Foreboding, Sun gallery, Seoul
2013   SMALL WORKS EXHIBITION by TEN Artists, gallery LVS, Seoul
2013   BLANK, gallery Grimson, Seoul
2013   Emontion, gallery is, Seoul
2013   Kite exhibition, Lotte gallery, Seoul
2012   The Comtemporary Tradition Special group exhibition, Westin Chosun Hotel, Seoul
2012   Moon-in the mind 기획전, Superir gallery, Seoul
2012   Variety colors, Variety feelings, gallery is, Seoul
2012   HaHaHoHo-Fan Exhibition, Lotte gallery , Seoul, Busan
2012   Bloom – Blossom, Lotte gallery, AnYang
2012   R.E.D (Reality. Equals. Dream), ION art gallery, Singapore


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Westin Chosun Hotel
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