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Yulim Song tells her story through the work of stitching using needle and various colored thread instead of brush and color. Naturally exposed needle stitches and embroidery evokes a more intimate and raw emotions towards the audience, conjuring the audience’s own precious memories and nostalgia of the ‘analogue experiences’ of the past days. Through the artworks, Song seems to shyly reveal her stories that could have come out of her secret diary, told to the audience as if to confess. Looking at the artwork alone gives us a peaceful moment’s pause, a break from the busy life, as it shares a glimpse of its meticulous and sincere craftsmanship that almost seem to hold the time to a standstill for a moment. Song is a young artist in her early thirties, having studied painting in Hongik University in Korea and art & space in Kingston University in UK. Song has been constantly selected for major artist residency programs in Korea, and recently finished her residency at Yi Eungro International Residency program in Paris.


2008   MA Art & Space Kingston University
2006   BFA Painting Hong-ik University


2012   Gallery Jinsun Window 83_the isolated scenes, Gallery Jinsun, Seoul, Korea
2010   Words of memory, Shinhan Gallery
2010   Shinhan Young Artist Festa, Seoul, Korea
2010   The slender song, Gallery b’one, Seoul, Korea


2013   The home of ten, Shinhan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013   Spring, Fnart Space, Seoul, Korea
2012   Project 72-1:school as laboratory, Honk-ik Elementary School, Seoul, Korea
2012   Untold stories by Tea for three, Ram studios, Milan, Italy
2012   Reflection of my life, Art Company GIG, Seoul, Korea
2012   Distancing, Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea
2012   Studi Aperti 2012 by Asilo Bianco, Museum Tornielli, Ameno, Italy
2012   Project Hansunjung, Sunset JangHang Festival/The art factory project, Janghang, Korea
2012   The figure of softness, JJ Joongjung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012   Project Hansunjung, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2011   White Block Now / The veiled thing, Gallery White Block, Paju, Korea
2011   Far East, Zonca & Zonca, Milan, Italy
2011   The simple life, Kring, Seoul, Korea
2011   The Last Letter From HUYNH MAI – A Fiction For Korean Of Multicultural Society, KT&G Sangsang Madang, Seoul, Korea


2010   Kumho Art Studio (6th Artist) 2011    Young Artist Critic Workshop, Art Center Arko