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My paintings began from finding my own self. Because I was aware of the incompleteness of the existence of the so-called ‘self’, I chose the external environment surrounding me as the object which could speak on behalf of myself. I am keeping my eyes on the surrounding environment that always change and develop, not fixed consistently. Having grown in the city, since childhood up to now, although it is a space that is friendly and comfortable more than any other landscape, I don’t look at the city in a positive nor negative way. To me, city is the way it is. It is because city is a place which coexisted with myself the moment I had existed. City enables me to possess the meaning of my existence. The process of progressing my work is the repetition of ‘painting and erasing’. Through the process of painting, erasing and then painting again, thin layers of paints are created and interlocking of colors are formed. During the process of which I began my earlier works, the method of dividing people’s views different from each other into layers, distinguishing them in colors, planes and lines, and then accumulating them into one drawing by using tracing papers became the motif, and it is ultimately being reflected into my works of today. The process of ‘painting and erasing’ expresses the texture of paint but it is also a method of introspection on my own self. Painting over by repeating the same painting is questioning on the meaning of existence to my own self and it is an act of reminiscing the meaning of life. In my work, I wanted to depict the resonance of the cityscape like how the tinkling sound of a wind-bell hanging at the end of some temple’s eave softly resonates in the wind. I expressed the image of a church where one can hear the bell ringing at dawn, the image of a city before sunrise, the image when the sun sets, the image of a hot sunny afternoon, the image of a day when cherry blossoms are blooming, the image of a foggy city, and etc. I wished to deliver the tranquil sound of landscape by clothing life to the city of solid cuboids.


2007   MFA, Hong-ik University

2004   BFA, Hong-ik University




2017 Look at SEOUL (Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Yongin, Korea)

2015 Look at There (Gallery Sun, Seoul, Korea)

2014 The 7th Solo Exhibition by Song, Ji-Yeon (GalleryBHAK, Seoul, Korea)

2012 The 6th Solo Exhibition by Song, Ji-Yeon (JJ Jungjeong Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2011 look at it & remember (Art Space Hyun, Seoul, Korea)

2009 look at it (Topo-house Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2008 Song, ji-yeon (Jangeunsun Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2007 The 2nd Solo Exhibition by Song (Ji-Yeon, Galerie Myriam H, Paris, France)

2006 Poison & Addiction (AKA Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea)




2017   SUN Gallery 40th Anniversary (SUN Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2017 Cool Wind-BU CHAE (GL Gallery, Gunpo, Korea)

2016 Contemporaries (Art Park Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2015 Extended it’s eyes-Min Seok Yoo, Ji Yeon Song, Heung Bae Oh (Gallery Tongin, Seoul, Korea)

2014 Gold&Wise (Kookmin Bank, Seoul, Korea)

2014   PRESENTIENT (GallerySUN, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Go to the there (Gallery Puesto, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Special Exhibition by past Winners of Danwon Art Festival Awards (Insa-Art-Praza, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Works of Beautiful, Beautiful Relation (Gallery LVS, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Special Exhibition by past Winners of Danwon Art Festival Awards (Insa-Art-Praza, Seoul, Korea)

2011   30th ‘ROOT’ Hong-ik women artists association (Hangaram Museum, Seoul, Korea)



2011   30th Korean art contest figuratif prize excellence award

2010   Danwon art contest prize excellence award

2008   6th Seoul art contest prize excellence award

2007   Danwon art contest prize special selection

2006   4th Seoul art contest prize special selection

2005   9th Nahyeseok art contest prize

2004   23rd Korean art contest non-figuratif prize




2012 National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art-Korea, ART BANK 2012 LAFARGE HanRa Cement