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Jinah Sohn, who spent almost two decades creating art with chair as a motif, boldly adopted a very different style with “lines and patterns”, turning around her identity of “chair artist”. She concentrates on the basic instinctive act of drawing and on painting as a tool of expression, and shows it meticulously and laboriously in her works. Her new works are filled with dots, lines, and planes, which are essential figurative elements, but as nature gets combine with these elements, Sohn creates sophisticated and gorgeous works that transform the landscape into lush nature peppered with deep urban sentiment. Sohn touches on the basic feature of painting from multiple angles to create uniqueness exclusively based on her own tastes and sensations. A world reimagined by herself, created by her own tastes and sensations, represents another brand unique to Jinah Sohn.


B.F.A., Major in Painting, Sookmyung Women’s University, Korea

M.A.E., Major in Art Education, Hongik University, Korea

M.F.A., Major in Painting, State University of New York, USA

M.F.A., Major in Sculpture, State University of New York, USA




2016 Gallery Huue, Singapore, Singapore

2015 Gallery LIG Art space, Hannam, Seoul, Korea

2014 Gallery Migo, Busan, Korea

2013 FORCE Gallery, Beijing 798, China

2011 313 art Project, Seoul, Korea

2009 Mad museum of art and design Mandarin, Singapore

2009 Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea

2006 Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, State university of New York, USA

And more than 15 Solo Exhibitions since 1991 in Korea, Singapore, Japan and USA.




2016 Art stage Singapore, Singapore

2015 After 10years, Gallery Mano, Seoul, Korea

2015 G Seoul Art fair, Seoul, Korea

2014 Art Asia Shanghai, Long Museum, Shanghai, China

2014 Identity, FORCE Gallery, Beijing, China

2014 Xinjiang biennale, Xinjiang International convention center, Xinjiang, China

2014 busan art show, Bexco, Busan

2014 East Bridge Lanzhou Station, Lanzhou convention center, Lanzhou, China

2014 Art Beijing, Beijing, China

2014 Crashing world, SongZhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China

2014 The 17th Beijing International Art fair, National agriculture exhibition center, Beijing, China

2013 Huyn, Hyun, LIG art space, Seoul, Korea

2013 Art stage Singapore, Singapore

2013 Art Shenzhen fair, Shenzhen convention center, Shenzhen, China

2013 FORCE Residency artists, FORCE Gallery, Beijing, China

2013 To the happiness, Xiamen art museum, Xiamen, China

2013 Joy palace opening exhibition, Joy palace, Beijing, China

2012 Kiaf, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2012 Two person show:Kim chanil & Sohn Jinah, Gallery White block, Heiri, Korea

2012 Art Beijing, Beijing, China

2012 Art Edition, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2012 20 x 20cm,Gallery MANO, Seoul, Korea

Participated in over 150 group exhibitions 1991-2013 in Korea, China, Singapore and USA .




National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea / Seoul Museum of Art / POSCO / UBS / Meritz / St,REGIS Hotel, China / Hotel Mandarin Taipei, Taipei / CJ, Sangam / Pocheon art valley sculpture park / Novotel Ambassador Hotel, Busan / Shinhan Bank, Seoul / Hana Bank, Seoul / JW Marriott Hotel Yoido Park Center / Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade / Hyatt Hotel Jeju / Walkerhill Hotel / ASEM Building / Rhombus Chengdu Hotel by LFK group, China / Sheraton Hotel, Seoul and etc.