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Sohn Jinah Solo Exhibition


SOHN JINAH Solo Exhibition (16/1 ~ 14/2)


Jinah Sohn, who spent almost two decades creating art with chair as a motif, boldly adopted a very different style with “lines and patterns” in her solo exhibition last year, turning around her identity of “chair artist”. She introduced new pieces configured with figurative elements and elaborate patterns. If her previous solo exhibition was a warm-up session of her transition into new series of works, “Inscape Scape” series to be exhibited at Gallery Huue features a more mature combination of perfected patterns with new nature images. Her recent works are not unfamiliar to us anymore despite the absence of chairs that were a longtime symbol of the artist. Sohn ceases to obsess over the meaning provided by an object. Rather, she concentrates on the basic instinctive act of drawing and on painting as a tool of expression, and shows it meticulously and laboriously in her works. Having played with countless drawings and combining various patterns and shapes for several months in preparation for the new exhibition, artist Jinah Sohn brings us more interesting and more vibrant new works possessing the harmony of colors and patterns.

These new works are filled with dots, lines, and planes, which are essential figurative elements, but as nature gets combine with these elements, Sohn creates sophisticated and gorgeous works that transform the landscape into lush nature peppered with deep urban sentiment. Pictures express various patterns repeatedly to join with flexible lines representing the nature’s images. Such interesting and vibrant contrast and harmony among colors make for a more rhythmical picture. Dots, lines,and planes in the background that surrounded Sohn’s artistic world of chairs now take the role of creating patterns to uniquely narrate the image of nature that contains abstract gesture accompanying intense emotions.

Sohn touches on the basic feature of painting from multiple angles to create uniqueness exclusively based on her own tastes and sensations. A world reimagined by herself, createdby her own tastes and sensations, represents another brand unique to Jinah Sohn.