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Shin Dong Won is famous for her twist angled still life artwork that combines ceramic, sculpture, and painting. Shin is very active in and outside of Korea having been invited to European Ceramic Work Center in Nederlands in 2007, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in the US in 2009, and The Clay Studio in Philadelphia in 2010. Shin’s works had been booked by Christi during Christi’s visit to Korea in 2006 and is widely recognized for her talent and potential.


2001   M.F.A, Department of Ceramics, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI

1998   M.F.A, Department of Ceramic, Hong-Ik University, Korea

1995   B.F.A, Department of Ceramic, Hong-Ik University, Korea




2017   Landscape (63 Art Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2016   The Journey (DEWELL de CAFÉ, Wonheung, Gyounggido, Korea)

2014   On The Way Home (Gallery SP, Seoul Korea)

2014   Delight Party (S+ gallery. Busan, Korea)

2013   Delight Party (Cubic house Gallery; Clayarch Gimhae, Gimhae, Korea)

2010   Domestic Era (Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul, Korea)

2008   Dreaming Objects (Gallery S, Seoul, Korea)

2007   Dong Won Shin (Gallery Difference, Seoul, Korea)

2007   A Moment (Moin gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2007   A Moment (National Goyang Art Studio Gallery, Gyounggi-do, Korea)

2006   Still Life: Clay (Gallery SUN Contemporary, Seoul, Korea)

2005   In Between (TOS, Seoul, Korea)

2005   Imagination, Communion-All My Wishes (Gallery DOS, Seoul, Korea)

2004   The Overlooked (Gallery Doll, Seoul, Korea)

2002   The Overlooked (114 Gallery, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, U.S.A.)




2017   Art in Life (Shinsaegae Gallery, Inchon, Korea)

2016   2016 Art Gyounggi Start Up (Pangyo Techno Vally B2, Seongnam, Korea)

2015   To embrace things under the scent of the moonlight (Debec Gallery, Daegu, Korea)

2014   The breath of Fresh (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea)

2014   Ode to youth (Hongil Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Craft, Go into The Space (Gallery 3, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Admiration of White Porcelain (Seoul Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Material Magic (Ilwoo space, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Art & Cook (Sejong Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2013   White Winter (N Gallery, Seongnam, Korea)

2013   Envy My Home (Gallery We, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Shin Dong Won & Lee Sang Min & Yoo Yong Sang (Lina Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Esthetics of The Table Setting: Art on The Table (Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2012   A room with a good view (Keumsan Gallery, Paju, Korea)

2012   Healing Camp (Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Inside Room (Youjoong Art space, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Moment (Jangheong Art park Red space, Jangheong, Korea)

2012   Reality Equals Dream (ION gallery, Singapore)

2011   Sprit of The Age (Interalia Art Company, Seoul, Korea)

2011   Art in Life, Life in Art (Sculpture Square, Singapore)

2011   Home & House (Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae, Korea)

2011   Another Geneology (Vit Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2011   Rest and Smile (Resort Villa 32, Gapyoung, Korea)

2011   Strange and Familiar (Gallery Grimson, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Unique & Useful (Interalia Art Company, Seoul, Korea)

2010   330 Artists (Gallery Sun, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Must See-Must Have (Gallery N , Seongnam, Korea)

2010   Moments in Between (Museum of Vancouver. Vancouver, Canada)

2009   Couple (Shinsegae Gallry, Seoul; Busan, Korea)

2009   Happy Traveling Together (Gallery K, Seoul. Korea)

2009   Various Colors, Various Emotions (Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Metaphor as a Material (Gongpyeong Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Art & Craft in Shinsegae (Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Truth about Retina (Interalia Art Company, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Ceramics-Climax (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea)

2009   A Small Fortune (Artpark, Seoul, Korea)

2008   KAMI’s Choice: The Soul of Korean Contemporary Art (INSA Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2008   Up to The Minute (Korea Art Center, Busan, Korea)

2008   Fun! Fun! (N Gallery, Seongnam, Korea)

2008   Prism 2008 (Emporia Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2008   Evolution Space (Yangjae Artrium, Seoul, Korea)

2007   H! pop (Gallery Yemac, Seoul, Korea)

2007   2007 Science + Art (AT Center, Seoul, Korea)

2007   KAMI’s Choice, The Best of the Best 20 (Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2007   Korean Project (C5 gallery, Beijing, China)

2007   To the Furthest Verge (I-MY Project, London, U.K.)

2007   Open Studio 3 (Goyang National Art Studio, Goyang, Korea)

2007   In Touch of the Present (Wada Fine Arts, Tokyo, Japan)

2007   Surroundings: In & Out (Gallery IHN, Seoul, Korea)

2007   No Bounds (Gallery SUN Contemporary, Seoul, Korea)


and More Than 40 Group Exhibition




2007   The Second Award, Insa Art Fair, Korea

2003   Honorable mention, The 2nd World Ceramic Biennale, Korea

2001   Honorable mention, The 1st World Ceramic Biennale, Korea

2001   Honorable mention, The Horizon Award 2001 of The American Craft Museum

in SOFA, U.S.A.

2001   Creative Partronage Award, Cranbrook Academy of Art, U.S.A.

2000   Special Award, The 20th Seoul Contemporary Ceramic Arts Contest, Korea

2000   Honorable Mention, The 26th Dong-A Handcraft Competition, Korea

1997   Special Award, The 17th Seoul Contemporary Ceramic Arts Contest, Korea

1997   Honorable mention, The 25th Dong-A Handcraft Competition, Korea

1997   Honorable mention, The Korea National Craft Competition Competition, Korea




Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Korea

Artbank, Korea

John Michael Kohler Arts Center, U.S.A.

Kohler Co., U.S.A.

The World Ceramic Exposition, Korea

Boramae Medical Center, Korea

Kdb, Korea

LG Fashion, Korea

Amore Pacific Museum, Korea

Maple Beach & Resort, Korea

Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

Greencross R/D Center, Korea