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We are relocating

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Gallery HUUE Relocating


We’ve come a long way since Crystal started selling art and craft in a corner of her living room.

Thanks to your love and support, we are ready to take the next step.

We are excited to welcome you to our new space in Newton from February.


Same people, same love for art.


See you soon.


188 Bukit Timah Road 229856



March 10 Tuesday 2015

Featuring : Various artist
Kim ChanIl, Lee KangWook, Sung YoungRok, Kang JunYoung, Kim ByungJoo, Park ChanWoo, Hong SooYeon, Kim ByungJin, Meng WooJae, Hwang HyunSeung, Lee JungMin, Kim JiYoung, Choi EungHwan, Kim HyunJoo, Lee YoonHee

April 3 Friday to May 3 Friday 2015
Featuring : 13 Young artists

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