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My prints represent the unique characteristics of today’s Singaporean society. To me, the most fascinating aspect of Singapore is its multi-cultural and eclectic society: diverse but not divided, busy yet orderly, where the best of both Eastern and Western worlds coexist. Through Ring of Chaos #, I want to capture these aspects of Singapore in tangling overlaid images which represent diverse ethnicity, culture, and custom, as well as the dynamic and busy lifestyle, over-crowdedness, and the equatorial climate of Singapore. In the Pearl of the Orient #11, the opaque white wash with cutout circles is used to highlight the systematic, orderly and clean city. It seems like dynamic characters and energies from various cultures are prospering inside of a perfect arrangement of law and discipline. Through these prints, I hope you are able to see Singapore the way I see it: the celebration of diverse culture and its uniqueness.


M.F.A   Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, New Zealand

B.F.A   Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, New Zealand




2012   Label Me (Space 15th, Seoul, Korea)

2005   Contemporary (Artspost, Hamilton, New Zealand)

2004   Blind Nation (Corban Estate Arts Centre, Auckland, New Zealand)

2004   Ing (The Edge, Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand)

2004   Ceramic (Gallery Keumsan, Seoul, Korea)

2003   The Year of the Goat (Northart Gallery, Auckand, New Zealand)

2001   The Year of the Snake (Northart Gallery, Auckand, New Zealand)




2015   Syntheses (Northart Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand)

2013   Panoramic Imprint (Singapore Printmaking Society, The Substation, Singapore)

2012   Trace Back (Chang Dong Art Studio, Seoul, Korea)

2011   Chaos. Peace. Love. This is Harmony (National Geographic Store, Vivo City, Singapore)

2011   Eye Pumping (Goodman Arts Center, Singapore, Singapore)

2010   Cabinet of Curiosities (Artspace @ Helutrans, Singapore, Singapore)

2010   Now and Next – KOR, SGP, JPN Contemporary Art (Gwang Ju National Museum, Korea)

2010   UNIFEM S.N.O.W 2010 Gala Benefit (Capella, Singapore, Singapore)

2010   Dis/placement: 6 (ICAS, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, Singapore)

2009   A Fresh Start (Andrew Shire Gallery, Singapore, Singapore)

2009   ART Singapore 2009 (Suntec City, Singapore, Singapore)

2009   Surface- Singapore Printmaking Society Annual Exhibition (STPI, Singapore)

2008   Proof V (SG Private Banking Gallery, Singapore, Singapore)

2008   Sweetalicious (Sunjin Gallery, Singapore, Singapore)

2007   Limited/Unlimited (Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore, Singapore)

2006   1 x 1 x 1 (FOST gallery, Singapore, Singapore)

2006   Restricted 30 (Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland, New Zealand)

2005   Waikato National Art Award for Summer 2005 (Hamilton, New Zealand)

2005   New Dawn, New Day, New Year (Northart Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand)

2004   Lightbox Invitational (Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland, New Zealand)

2004   History Now (Te tuhi- the mark, Auckland, New Zealand)

2004   Library (Artigiano, Auckland, New Zealand)




2009   Most Outstanding Emerging Artist (Art Singapore 2009, Singapore)

2005   Iris Fisher Art Award- Best Contemporary Work Award Winner (Te tuhi Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand)