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A creative and experimental young artist, Yunhee Lee is recognized not only in her home country of South Korea, but also in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many other countries. She continues her creative work globally, using traditional white porcelain and layers of gold finish to complete the mysterious look of her work. The combination of “skull” and traditional Korean roof tile, “giwa”, arouses international interest.


2012   M.F.A   Department of Ceramic, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea

2008   B.F.A Department of Ceramic, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea




2018   Night of Pian – ARTLAB DAEJEON (Leeungno Museum, Daejeon, Korea)

2017   Sublime Journeys (ART PROJECTS GALLERY, Hong Kong)

2017   Night of Pian (ATELIER AKI,  Seoul, Korea)

2016   Salutation of Beatrice (Gallery JJ , Seoul, Korea)

2016   La Divina Commedia (Hanabank Apujeong PB center, Seoul, Korea)

2015   La Divina Commedia, (Art Projects Gallery, Hong Kong)

2015   La Divina Commedia, (Daejeon Artist House, Daejeon, Korea)

2013   White night (Clay Arch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae, Korea)

2013   Singing Sanctuary (Gallery AG, Seoul, Korea)




2017    Start Art Fair (Saatchi Gallery, U.K)

2016   DNA (Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea)

2016   XXIV Biennale Internationale Creatione Contemporaine et Ceramique Vallauris 2016 (France)

2016   Story G (Gallery Huue, Singapore)

2015   Prudential Eye Zone (Art Science Museum, Singapore)

2015   Ceramic is Our Speciality (Ara-Art, Seoul, Korea)

2015   Huue Collection (Gallery Huue, Singapore)

2015   Brilliant30, Unreal Landscape (H-art gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2015   Pinocchio went to Dodo Country (Pinocchio Museum, Paju, Korea)

2015   Maison & Objet (Paris Nord Villepinte, France)

2015   RÉVÉLATIONS (Grand Palais, France)

2014   Artists that Huue loves (Gallery huue, Singapore)

2014   Un Dîner chez moi ! (Gallery Merciel bis, Busan, Korea)

2014   ARTisans – Louis Vuitton social contribution project (Space K, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Young Revolution 2014 (ION ART Gallery, Singapore)

2014   49:51 (Sasang Indie Station, Busan, Korea)

2014   Layer (Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Walk The Pilgrim (Indian Art Museum Seoul, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Air & Air – Thinking of travel (Busan International Airport, Busan, Korea)

2014   The 36th JoongAng Fine Arts Prize (Hangaram Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Art Bargain (Gallery Toast, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Projection (Hanwon museum, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia (Clay Arch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae, Korea)

2014   Korea Tomorrow 2014 (DDP, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Interchange (Clay Arch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae, Korea)

2014   Made in Korea (Coex, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Charity Bazaar (Space K, Seoul, Korea)

2013   HOT Rookies – Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2013 (Icheon, Korea)

2013   Cross OverⅡ (Milal Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Black and White (Yido, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Not a Ceramic (Space K, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Young & Young Artist Project (Youngeun Museum, Goyang, Korea)

2013   Charity bazaar (Space K, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Small Present (Kim Jae-Sun Gallery, Bunsan, Korea)

2012   Cross • Over   (Milal Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Lighting (L Store, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Y and L (Gallery Puzz, Paju, Korea)

2012   Possibility Ossibility (Gana Art , Seoul, Korea)

2012   Start Craft-K (Ara-Art, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Yunhee Lee + Serin Oh (Design Cube 284, Seoul, Korea)

2011   IMAGE VS. IMAGE (Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea)

2011   Maison & Objet (Paris Nord Villepinte, France)

2011   Une Saison en Coree (Collection Gallery, France)

2011   ASYAAF Invitation Exhibit (Gallery Doo, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Zero-in (Art company H, Seoul, Korea)

2010   It’s white (Dosan, Seoul, Korea)

2010   24.7 (California State University Long Beach, CA, U.S.A.)

2010   Five Senses (Gallery Curio Mook, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia (Hong-Ik University HOMA, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Ceramic Art & Technology (AT Center, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Co-core (Tama University, Tokyo, Japan)

2009   Peep (Songwon Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2008   It’s blue (Gallery Iang, Seoul, Korea)

2008   Dohwasuh’s Trip to Daegu (Gallery M, Daegu, Korea)

2008   Open Space Paan (Gallery Paan, Seoul, Korea)

2008   Funny Funny (Gallery Sejul, Seoul, Korea)

2008   Crafty, Arty, Party! (Korean Craft Promotion Foundation, Seoul, Korea)

2008   Korea- Japan- China Ceramist Exchange Exhibition (Guangzhou, Foshan Pottery Traditional And Contemporary Art Museum, China)

2007   Ceramic Exhibition (Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea)

2007   36.5° Ceramic New Generation (Yeoju World Ceramic Livingware Gallery, Yeoju, Korea)

2006   大器晩成 (Milal Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)




2016   SEMA Emerging Artists & Curators Selected

2015   Daejeon Culture and Arts Foundation Next Generation ArtiStar Selected

2014   The 36th JoongAng FineArts Prize Selected Artist 10

2014   Daejeon Culture and Arts Foundation Next Generation ArtiStar Selected

2012   Special Award, The 4th Icheon Ceramic Trend

2012   Ceramix living Objet, Participation Prize

2011   The 9th International Ceramics Competition Mino Japan

2011   Special Award, The 30th Seoul Contemporary Ceramic Arts Contest

2011   The 8th Ceramic Arts Award of Korea

2010   Special Award, The 29th Seoul Contemporary Ceramic Arts Contest

2007   The 2th New Generations




Han Hyang Lim Ceramic Museum ,Paju, Korea

SongEun Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, Korea

Youngeun Museum, Goyang, Korea

Busan District Court, Busan, Korea