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He has bachelor degree majoring in Fine Art and Art studies at College of Art, Hong Ik University in Korea. He also received Master degree in Modern Fine Art at the same university. He moved to London 5 years ago and studied MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Currently, he is studying PhD at the University of East London and working as an artist simultaneously.

His first exhibition titled “Invisible Space” won a prize at the exhibition supporting contest of KEPCO Plaza Gallery and it was his first step to start his career as an artist. He attracted public attention by being awarded the grand prize at the 24th Joong Ang Fine Art Prize in 2002 and “Dong-A Fine Art Prize” at the Dong-A Fine Art Contest. Especially, he became the youngest artist who has been awarded “Grand Prize” at the biggest Fine Art contest in Korea.

His series of art work “Invisible Space” is a study on microscopic world, for example, a very small world filled with cell and particle which is an imaginary space that can be a diminutive scale or grand scale depending on a point of view. Ultimately, the main theme of his work is a study on a new space which alters depending on a change in imaginary space and point of view. Recently, he researched on philosophy called Upanishad, a collection of philosophical texts which form the theoretical basis for Ancient Indian philosophy and religion. He establishes a link between Upanishad and motive for his art work. His recent works seem to develop towards abstract paintings which emphasis on a geometrical shape. His work has always been expressed through drawing and painting which projects the artist’s own gesture and it receives critics’ review as ‘paintings expressed with sensory vision’.

His works are already possessed by many museums in Korea (Ho-Am Art Museum, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Museum of Art), governmental institution (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and public institution (Samsung Medical Centre, Hyundai Motor Company, LS Industrial System Company, LG Fashion Company, Kyowon Group, KASCO etc) as well as private collectors.

He is currently residing in London and he continues art work shuttling between Seoul and London.


2001   B.F.A Painting Dept., College of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik Univ. Seoul, Korea
2003   M.F.A Graduate School of Painting Dept., Hong-Ik Univ. Seoul, Korea
2004   The 3rd Resident Artist, Changdong National Art Studio (National Museum of contemporary Art, Korea)
2011   MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design (M.A)
2013   Attending a professional doctorate in Fine Art at University of East Kondon


2013   Art On Gallery, Singapore
2012   Asia House, London, UK
2012   Hada Contemporary, London, UK
2011   Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea
2010   Gallery Cha-I, Seoul, Korea
2009   Gallery Colapasta, Seoul, Korea
2007   Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea
2007   Hino Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2006   Spring Gallery, Shanghai, China
2005   Galerie de Temps, Tokyo, Japan
2005   Cheltenham Art Center, Philadelphia, U.S.A
2005   Gallery Will(Gana Art center), Seoul, Korea
2004   Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea
2005   Gallery Ju-ichi gatsu, Tokyo, Japan
2002   Total Art Museum, Jangheung, Korea
2002   Hanjeon Plaza Gallery, Seoul, Korea


2013   SURFACE (Chelseafuturespace, London)
2013   KIAF (COEX Mall, Seoul)
2012   R.E.D(Reality Equals Dream)(Art On Gallery, Singapore)
2012   An Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art (Moorhouse Art / Albemarle Gallery, London)
2012   Korean Collective Milan (Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art, Milan)
2011   Korean Collective Basel 2011 (Leonhard Ruthmuller | Contemporary art, Basel, Switzerland)
2012   Korean Collective Den Haag 2011 (Galerie Boordeinde Noordeinde , Den Haag, Netherlands)
2012   Degree Show (Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, United Kingdom)


Ho-am Art Museum
Seoul Museum of Art
National Museum of contemporary Art
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
SamSung Hotel
LS Industrial Systems Co. Lid.
Hyundai Motor Company
Samsung Medical Center
LG fashion
KyoWon group
Tomato Savings Bank
Marriott Hotel
Coreana Cosmetics Co. Ltd
City 7 Hotel


2003   The 3rd Songeun Grand Art Exhibition (a Support Prize)
2002   The 24th Joong-Ang Fine Arts Competition (a Grand Prize)
2002   The 25th Dong-A Art Festival (a Dong-A Art Grand Prize)
2001   The 15th National Grand Fine Art Exhibition (a Grand Prize)