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Lee’s works are combination of letters. These letters make words, form sentences, and eventually become an expression of his life experiences. He believes that words and sentences are the best way to document life moments and each of his artwork has captured the happiest, the saddest, or the most unforgettable and regretful moments of his life.


M.A   Department of Fine Art, University of the Arts London, London

M.A   Department of Sculpture, Hong-ik University, Korea

B.A   Department of Sculpture, Hong-ik University, Korea



Selected Solo Exhibition

2018   Indeterminate Space, National Department of Culture and Arts Complex, Malaysia

2015   Indescribable Moment (Gallery B1, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Tattoo on the Back (Art Company GIG, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Written on the Water (Old House Project Space CAN, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Unknown Sight (Songeun Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Invisible Visuality (Duckwon Gallery, Seoul, Korea)


Selected Group Exhibition

2018   Affordable Art Fair (Milano, Italia)

2018   Steel Painting, (Gallery Centercity, Cheonan, Korea

2018   Acknowledging the differences, national museum of Lavena, Italia

2018   Shelter for Urban Refugees, (National Department of Culture and Arts Complex, Malaysia)

2018   Scent of Nature and Art, (Haenam Culture & Art Center, Haenam, Korea)

2018   Pyeungchang Media Project : OVER WINDOW, Pyeungchang, Korea)

2018   Artist that Hue Loves (Hue Gallery, Singapore, Singapore)

2015   Young Artist Revolution (Hue Gallery, Singapore, Singapore)

2015   Able Art Fair Special Show (Culture Station Seoul284, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Written on the Water (The Cut, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Ring the Bell (Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2014   餘裕滿滿 (Gallery Fleur, Kyoto, Japan)

2014   2014 Ghasong Art Award (Gong Art Space, Seoul, Korea)

2014   A-Artfair (Culture Station Seoul284, Seoul, Korea)

2013   3 Young Korea (Kotra Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Four Men (Gallery Woo, Busan, Korea)

2012   Fantastic Art White Books (Art Centre Dream Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Words to be Looked at (Old Library College, London, UK)

2012   Mimesis Strikes Back (Amadas 253 Gallery, Paju, Korea)

2011   WHY IS THAT (Solomon Artist Residency_Cake Gallery#1, Seoul, Korea)

2011   On Make Plan (TV12 Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2011   The Word Story (Zandari Gallery, Seoul, Korea)



2014   Gasong Foundation Art Awards, Special Prize

2008   Misari Outdoor Sculpture, Winner

2005   Daekyo Culture Foundation National Student Art Awards, Winner