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Ever since her debut as a young photographer’s exhibition in 2001, Lee has been active in group exhibitions and art festivals, introducing her artworks that possess a traditional but sophisticated meaning. She gradually built her reputation through participating in selected high profile shows like the Korean Art exhibition in Chicago, US.

Solo Exhibition

2012  ‘Representation’ Series, Gallery ‘Ma Dang’

2011  ‘Refresh series- The Breath of Flowers: While, Lost one’s way’ The two story, Gallery ‘Ma Dang’

2011  ‘Refresh series- The Breath of Flowers’ the first story, Gallery  ‘Ma Dang’



Group Exhibition

2014 ‘Representation’ Series; ‘Craft, Seep into Space’ Korea Craft & Design Foundation Gallery,

2014  ‘Representation’ Series; ‘Ceramics in the picture, Painting at the Pottery’_ Holds the arts, “Pottery” Exhibition, Icheon metropolitan museum, Gyeonggi

2012 ‘Representation’ Series, Jangheung Art Park_Art Market ‘JAM Ⅲ’, Gyeonggi

2011 ‘Refresh’ Series, ‘Seoul Auction’ Participation_ Online, Gangnam Ceter, Seoul

2011 ‘Refresh’ Series, Insa Artfestival ‘ART to DESIGN’_ ‘Seoul Auction’ Participation, Seoul

2010 ‘Refresh’ Series-2ND, Jangheung Art Park_ Art Market ‘JAM II’

2010 ‘Refresh’ Series-1ST, Jahgheung Art Park_ Art Market ‘JAM I’

2006 ‘The Sound of Korea_ B.O.B Ten by Ten Exhibition’, foster community hall, Chicago, U.S.A