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Ko’s work seem to emulate a braille book or the Morse code. For the past 10+ years, Ko has focused on symbolizing text using artificial pearl, marbles, and miniature tree branches. Her work can be derived from a text found in famous novel and poem, or everyday newspaper advertising. It helps to understand her past to understand why she has started this extremely labor intensive work. She almost lost her sight while she was studying in New York due to stress. During this time, when she picked up a book to read, she felt texts look like shining pearls in the incoming light. Miraculously, she recovered her eye sight, but she continues with her work that she says helps separates herself from the world to find and cure herself.


Pratt Institute, MFA in Fine Arts, Brooklyn, New York Ewha Womans University, MFA in Painting, Seoul, Korea Ewha Womans University, BFA in Painting, Seoul, Korea


2009   Transformation as I mentioned – PRUGIO Gallery, Seoul 2008   Transformation as I just mentioned – Study of Manhae “Han Younghun” – Take out Drawing, Seoul 2007   Mist of signs four – Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul 2007   Mist of signs three – National Art Studio, Goyang 2006   Mist of signs two – Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul 2006   Mist of signs – Gallery Skape, Seoul 2003   Williamsburg Art Historical Center, New York 1997   Second Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, New York 1995   Pratt Gallery, New York 1993 Kwanhun Gallery, Seoul


2009   Problem – Dr. Park Gallery, Gyeonggido 2009   SU:MBISORI – Juju Museum of Art, Jeju. Korea 2009   Chalim – Exhibition. Kwanhun Gallery, Seoul 2009   a’ la Yves saint Laurent- Gallery Artside, Seoul 2008   Daily Life in Korea – The Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand 2008   Miss Mirror, Mirror – National Museum of contemporary Art(for Children)Korea 2008   “Contemporary Artists 55” 2007 selected by critics (The monthly magazine of Joeson) – Seoul Arts Center(Hangaram Museum), Seoul 2008   Who don’t want to go warm area – Chunmasan Museum, Janghung, Jeollanamdo 2008   Contemporary Korean Art – Korean Cultural Center UK, London 2008   Projcts of art Life – Uijeonbu Arts Center, Uijeonbu 2008   Negative Image – Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Gyeonggido 2008   Time and Space – Museum of South Gobi, Mongolia


Kyeounggido Museum of Art, Korea Juju Museum of Art, Korea Art Bank, Korea MongIn Art Center, Korea Kyeounggido Museum of Art, Korea National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea


2002   25th Small Works – Washington Square East Galleries, New York 1994   12 x12 x (12) – Islip Art Museum, Islip, NY 1991   Jung-Ang Grant Art Award – Finalist, Jung Ang Cultural Center. Seoul 1988   Dong-A Award – Modern Art Museum of Korea, Seoul

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