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Kim is a photographer and a professor in Hongik University in Korea, considered finest art school in Korea. He focuses on taking photography of bamboo, with an aim to capture the most Korea formative beauty. Upon a calm look at his work, one can feel and hear the oriental beauty in his beautiful photography of bamboos.


1979   B.F.A.  Department of Applied Art, College of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik University, Korea

1981   Studied at Dept. of Photo-Design, Graduate School of Industrial Art, Hongik Univ

1983   B.F.A. Photography, Parsons School of Design, U.S.A.

1987   M.F.A. Photography, Pratt Institute, U.S.A.




2017   Sky Wind Stars and Me (Gallery BK, Seoul, Korea)

2015   DaeSoo Kim Photography (Francoise Livinec Gallery, Paris, France)

2015   DaeSoo Kim Photography (Gallery Achim, Seoul, Korea)

2015   New Wave in Korean Photography1988-1998 (GoEun Meseum of Photography, Busan, Korea)

2014   DaeSoo Kim Photographies (IBU Gallery, Paris, France)

2013   Trees from the People (Artpark Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Listen to the Bamboos (Gallery Eulenspiegel; Gallery Heuberg 24, Basel, Switzerland)

2012   Sensibility of Bamboo (Ewho Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2012   People du Bamboo (Gallery Philippe Gelot, Paris, France)

2011   Voice of the Bamboo (HanMi Gallery, Jeju, Korea)

2011   Voice of the Bamboo (ShinSeGae Gallery, Incheon, Korea)

2010   Colors of the Bamboo (Gallery IHN, Seoul, Korea)

2007   DaeSoo Kim Photo Work (Mac Gallery, Busan, Korea)

2006   Sky Meditation (White Wall Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2004   Sky, Winds, Stars, and Me (Kim Young Sub Photo Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2003   Trees from the People (Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2000   The Tale of Three Trees (Sajinmadang, Seoul, Korea)

1999   A Road to the Sky (Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea)

1998   The Great Korean (Olive Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1996   The Land of Wisdom (Gallery Boda, Seoul, Korea)

1990   New Wave Photographer from Korea (Sunygate Gallery, Taiwan)

1988   Creation and Then… (Gallery Han, Seoul, Korea)

1987   Thesis Show (Higgins Hall, New York, NY, U.S.A.)

1984   Quest of Light (Space Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1983   Graduate One Man Show (Parsons Hall, New York, NY, Korea)




2017   HI Light (Sai Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2016   Hand (Gallery Eulenspiegel, Basel, Switzerland)

2016   Talk about Dream, Happiness and Love (SooHoh Gallery, Seongnam, Korea)

2016   Public to Private-Photography in Korean Contemporary Art since 1989

(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea)

2016   DaeSoo Kim: Fotografien (Gallery Eulenspiegel, Basel, Switzerland)

2016   Sharing the Spotlight (Art Space J, Seongnam, Korea)

2016   Current of Korean Journey of Photography (GASC Yunseul Art Gallery, Kimhae, Korea)

2015   The Condensed Moment (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)

2015   Re:Kontemporary-Fermented Souls (Kate Shin Gallery, New York, NY, U.S.A.)

2015   Mind Scape (Shinsegae Art Wall, Seoul, Korea)

2015   The 21st Century Handmade Print (Gallery 270, Westwood, NJ, U.S.A.)

2014   Korean Beauty: Two Kind of Nature (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Hue: Rest (The American Club, Singapore)

2014   Space: Life and Routine (Choijungah Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2014   The Wind that Wakes the Bamboo (Gwangju National Museum, Gwangju, Korea)

2013   G-Seoul (Grand Hillton Hotel, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Art Space J Gallery Opening Exhibition (Art Space J Gallery, Seongnam, Korea)

2013   Port-Breath of Incheon (Shinsegae Gallery, Incheon, Korea)

2013   Photo Scape: Eye for the Ordinary Miracle (Interalia Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Monochrome in Korea (Galelie Dorothea, Mainz, Germany)

2011   Sharing through Photos (SeMa Gyeonghuigung of Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

2011   View Reviewer Preview (Hanbyukwon Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2011   Korean Sprit: Six Photographers (Aramnuri Art Center, Goyang, Korea)

2011   Remember You (Hyundai Arts Center, Ulsan, Korea)

2011   The Mystic Tree (Ilwoo Space, Seoul, Korea)

2011   2010 Collections from the HoMa (Hong-Ik Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Exhibition of Hong-Ik Univ. Professor (Hong-Ik Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

2010   The Scent of Forest, Sound of Forest (Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Cross+: The Celebration of 60th Anniversary of Korea-Spain (Gallery Palais de Seoul, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Contemporary Korean Photography 1948-2008 (Gyeongnam Art Museum, Changwon, Korea)

2008   Contemporary Korean Photography 1948-2008 (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea)

2008   Garden of Mind (Shinsegye Culture Center, Seoul, Korea)

2008   Good Morning Mr. Nam June Paik (Korean Cultural Centre U.K., London, U.K.)

2007   Contemporary Art Today and Tomorrow (Sejong Culture Center, Seoul, Korea)

2007   The Taken Accidents (Gallery Wa, Seoul, Korea)

2007   5028 – People and Scape (Gallery Illum, Seoul, Korea)

2006   Camera Work (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

2005   A Variety of Korean Art (Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2001   19 Photographers with Calm Land 4 (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan)

1999   Seoul Lumia of Century in Media 1999 (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

1999   Beyond the Threshold (Hillwood Art Museum, New York, NY, U.S.A.)

1998   Visual Extension of Photography (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea)

1998   History of Korean Photography (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)

1998   Seoul Photography Exhibition ‘98 (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

1998   Crossing Drawing Exhibition (Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea)

1997   Seoul Photography Exhibition ‘97 (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

1996   The Present and Future of Contemporary Korean Art (Hong-Ik Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

1996   Photography – New Vision (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea)

1995   The Horizon of Korean Photography (Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea)

1995   Photography Today (Art Sonje Museum, Gyeongju, Korea)

1994   New Ventures Korean Young Artists Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea)

1994   The Horizon of Korean Contemporary Photography (Gongpyong Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

1994   50 years of Korean Photography, 1945-1994 (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)

1993   Photography and Image (Art Sonje Museum, Gyeongju, Korea)

1992   The Horizon of Korean Contemporary Photography (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

1991   The Horizon of Contemporary Korean Photography (Total Open Air Museum, Jangheung, Korea)

1991   Front D.M.Z. (Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

1990   Mixed Media (Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea)

1990   The 24th Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea)


and More Than 65 Group Exhibition