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The artwork by artist, Junyoung Kang, is a mix of energy and turbulence, giving us the feeling of looking at graffiti. His colorful style and color ranges were influenced by the street pop culture during his childhood in Australia. His first solo exhibition was held in 2006 after he was awarded the grand prize from Icheon International Ceramic Expo that same year. He has been active in the global art scene, particularly in Europe and Asia. The main theme of his art is “Family Love”. He expresses this theme through modern languages and different mediums, covering not only ceramics, but also paint, found objects, mixed media, etc


2010 M.F.A. in Ceramic Art, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

2006 B.F.A. in Ceramic & Glass, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea



2018  1821 (The Art Plant Jo Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 

2017  Dongjanggoon Remember The Group “Talban” (CR Collective, Seoul, Korea)

2015  Kang Jun Young Solo Exhibition (Gallery HUUE, Singapore)

2015  Fool Bloom (Chung-ahn Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2014  …to listen (Gallery Button, Seoul, Korea)

2013  You were there (Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae, Korea)

2011  “I will pray for you!” (Gallery Hyundai_Window Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2009  Story哥 Second Rhapsody [Remixed pot!] (Gallery Tong-in, Seoul, Korea)

2008  Wow! It’s a jar! (Gallery Ssamji, Seoul, Korea)

2006  Story哥 (Gallery Ssamji, Seoul, Korea)



2018 Art Collaboration (Sisley, Seoul, Korea) 

2018 Art Vornado Collaboration Exhibition (Insa Art Center, Daegu, Korea) 

2018 The First Love (Lotte Gallery, Daegu, Korea) 

2018 The other Side (Space Shinseon, Seoul, Korea)

2017  UNION ART FAIR (Insa 1-Gil, Seoul, Korea)

2016  Androgyny x 1005展  (Atelier Aki, Seoul, Korea)

2015  Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (Korea Ceramic Foundation, Yeoju Museum, Yeoju, Korea)

2015  Kang jun young x Kim jun myoung Exhibition (Pilux, Seoul, Korea)

2015  The Good Life (Seum Art Space, Seoul, Korea)

2015  Composing the space-time (Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2014  Design Feisty (K11 Art Space, Hong Kong)

2014  Hue 休: Rest (The American Club, Arton Gallery, Singapore)

2014  Young Revolution (ION art gallery, Arton Gallery, Singapore)

2014  New Year’s Gift (Superior, Seoul, Korea)

2013  Four Multiplicities (EMOA Space, New York, NY, USA)

2013  Primavera (Amway Art Museum, Seongnam, Korea)

2013  Project Doha – I was here (Doha Budae, Seoul, Korea)

2011  Multi Colored Sentiment : A Daydream In The Snow (Gallery Zandari, Lotte Hotel Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2011  East Asia Celadon Exhibition (New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, New Taipei City, Taiwan)

2011  SHOP BMM LIFESTYLE MULTISHOP DESIGNER (Boutique Monaco Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2010  TRUE RELIGION KOREA Showroom Launch Collaboration Artist

2009  KOREA TOMORROW 2009 (SETEC, Seoul, Korea)

2009  COW PARADE KOREA 2009 (COEX, Seoul, Korea)

2010  Autonomy zone 1-130 (Arts Council Korea, Seoul, Korea)

2009 ceramics-climax (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea)

2008  China Japan and South Korea new century contemporary pottery art exhibition (The Guandong shiwan Ceramics Museum, Guangdong Sheng, China)

2007  London 2008 North Korea N Restaurant (Arthouse Gallery, London, UK)



2012  Art Center of Li Yin in Beijing (Heiqiao, Beijing, China)

2011  Solomon Artist Residency Program (Seoul, Korea)



Pradise City (Incheon, Korea) 

BODYFRIEND (Seoul, Korea)  

Korea Racing Authority (Seoul, Korea)

The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea Building (Seoul, Korea)

Boutique Monaco Museum (Seoul, Korea)