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A world of plants comes to life in varied colors in Joo Jung Min’s artwork. Joo captured the changing color of life, seasons, and of emotions of being with someone, in a mysterious colossal world of imaginative nature. The artist’s forest becomes the viewer’s forest as it reminds us that we, humans, in the end, belong to nature. The imaginative forest and its plants are recreated in a collage, in which each pieces are drawn, cut, and attached one by one by the artist herself. This collage takes on another form of life in her media art, with the forests changing and moving with serene background audio, more temptingly drawing in the viewer to experience the nature’s mystic. Breaking the prejudice that media art is not easy to purchase, Joo’s first media art was sold out to collectors from in and outside Korea. Joo is an active illustrator and artist engaged in wide variety of activities, working with magazines like Elle and W as well as fashion and cosmetic brands like Shu Uemura, Louis Quatorze, Long Shop on product design and advertisement.


B.F.A   College of Fine Arts, Korean Painting, Hong-Ik University, Korea

B.F.A   School of Design, Fabric design, Hong-Ik University, Korea




2015   Casting (Gallery Sagakhyung, Seoul, Korea)

2011   The Night (Café Goghi, Seoul, Korea)




2014   Young Revolution, ION, Art On Gallery, Singapore

2014   Affordable Art Fair, Gallery Huue, Singapore

2014   The Ugly Duckling, Artsoop Gallery, Korea

2014   Assyaaf, Cultural Station Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea

2010   WOW Book Festival, Seoul, Korea




LG Fashion (TNGT)

Art Works with fashion magazine W

Shuuemura Color Atelier Palette Artist Collaboration

Shuuemura 2011 ‘Sakura Moment’

LongChamp 2011 S/S Bag Textile art work

Sogyumo Acasia band 1st art work, 3rd art work