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The work of Jang Seung Hyo is a photographic collage, created from thousands of photography works he has collected over the years. The artist seeks to make his work easily enjoyable by the mass in everyday life, rather than seeking art to be enjoyed within a white cube space for particular people.
The artist’s experience in New York City’s Time Square greatly influenced his subsequent work. Within a layer of buildings and billboards depicting unrealistic images as well as countless tourists amongst a forest of buildings, the artist is processing something that can be experienced only through his senses beyond the limitations of rational judgment. The artist regarded them as something raw and began to make his archives with a fascination over this state of consciousness, capturing them with his camera. These photographs were then rearranged and layered in order to evoke different states of emotions. The artist pays attention to a sensible and direct manner of communication beyond the limitations of language, and attempts to combine his ideas drawing upon a diverse range of fields. Driven to make work that pushes the boundary of art, the artist collaborates with fashion designers, automobile companies, and other modes of entertainment.


2008   M.F.A   College of Sculpture, New York University, USA

2004   Doctor’s Course   College of Sculpture, Hong-ik University, Korea

2001   M.F.A   College of Sculpture, Hong-ik University, Korea

1997   B.F.A   College of Sculpture, Hong-ik University, Korea




2016   Design Beijing National Agriculture Exhibition Center (China National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing, China)

2016   Singapore ART CONTEMPORARY 2016 (Singapore, Singapore)

2015   Design Beijing National Agriculture Exhibition Center (China)

2015   Gallery Index’A conversation with image (Seoul, Korea)

2014   Chocolate Fantasia (Harbour City, Hong Kong)

2012   Two Heaven (Col.l.age+in Chungdam, Seoul, Korea)

2008   Dedicated Performance (Art Space H, Seoul, Korea)

2007   APOLLO & DAPHNE (33 Bond Gallery, New York, NY, U.S.A.)

2004   KOREAN 12 MUSE (Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea)

2003   RED DOTGABI (Car Parade in S, Seoul, Korea)




2017   Festival Pattaya 2017 (Art in Paradise & col.l.age+, Pattaya, Thailand)

2016   DMC Festival (MBC, Seoul, Korea)

2016   The Duncheon Bay National Garden Design Exhibition (Suncheon Bay National Garden, Suncheon, Korea)

2016   BETWEEN ART (Hyundai Department Store, Seongnam, Korea)

2015   Cheong Wa Dae Sarang Chae (Blue House, Seoul, Korea)

2015   I’m Yours (Korea Build, Seoul, Korea)

2015   Seoul Design Festival – The Celebrity (Coex Hall B, Seoul, Korea)

2015   Beijing Design Week (Beijing, China)

2014   New York Fashion Week –  Lee Sang Bong & Jang Seung Hyo Collaboration (New York, NY, U.S.A.)

2014   ‘2015 Tianjin Fashion Week –  Lee Sang Bong & Jang Seung Hyo Collaboration (Tianjin, China)

2014   Contemporary Art, Walking on Runway (Seongnam Arts Center – Cube Museum, Seongnam, Korea)

2014   Old & New (Onyang Folk Museum, Asan, Korea)

2014   Rolls-Royce Motor, Collaboration Design & Exhibition

2013   Road to Heaven (Art show, Busan, Korea)

2013   Back to Heaven (White Block Art Center, Paju, Korea)

2012   A Landscape (Interalia Art Company, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Positive Chair (Nampo Art Museum, Goheung, Korea)

2011   Korean Eye (MAD Museum, New York, NY, U.S.A.)

2011   Seoul Photo Festival (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

2011   International Sculpture Symposium Icheon (Icheon, Korea)

2011   Collaboration with VOGE Fashion Nine Out (Shinsegae, Seoul, Korea)

2011   Korea Tomorrow (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)

2011   Paranoid Scene (Interalia Art Company, Seoul, Korea)

2011   Collaboration with MLB History Band (Shinsegae Centum City, Busan, Korea)

2010   Korea Tomorrow (SETEC, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Looking into the Inner Side of Fantasy, (Trunk Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Collage of Memory (Soka Art Center, Beiging, China)

2010   Art Forte (Gana art Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2010   New Landscape (Salon de H, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Imaginary Scene (Cais Gallery, Hong Kong)

2010   Lack of being (Interalia Art Company, Seoul, Korea)

2010   The Moment (63 Sky Art, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Korea Tomorrow (SETEC, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Hong Kong Seoul Auction (Alexandra House, Hong Kong)

2009   Larasati Auction (Hong Kong)

2009   Seoul International Photo Festival (Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Korean Eye – Moon Generation (Saachi Gallery, London, U.K)

2009   Christi Hong Kong (Alexandra House, Hong Kong)

2009   The Image of Magic (Hanmi Museum of Photo, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Mad for Furniture (Nefs Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Cutting Edge (Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2007   Moon Man (National Science Museum, Daejeon, Korea)

2005   From Berlin to DMZ (SOMA Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2005   10 YEARS AFTER (Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2003   Soul of Future (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

2003   HI! Seoul Festival (Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul, Korea)

2002   BIO MAN (OSONG International Bio Exposition, Osong, Korea)

2002   Drum Sound PF OZ – 2002 SEOUL DRUM FESTIVAL (Seoul, Korea)

2001   Soul of Potter (World Ceramic Exposition, Yeoju; Gwangu; Icheon, Korea)

2001   Soul of Future (Seoul Institute of the Art, Seoul, Korea)

2000   Walin-Cheongang-Jigok – 2000 THE YEAR OF THE NEW ART (The National Theater of Korea, Seoul, Korea)




2003   Chungbuk Provincial Governor’s Citation – 2002 OSONG International Bio Exposition

2002   The Minister of Culture and Tourism’s Citation

1997   The 1st Open Air Sculpture Award, Grand Prize -The Minister of Culture and Tourism’s Award

1997   The 8st The Korean Figurative Sculpture Award




National Science Museum, Korea

The Museum of Buddhist art

O-song International Bio Exposition Center

The Gallery Art-Space H

Hong-Ik University