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Ilhwa Kim’s ‘Seed universe 天下圖’ work is made of rolled paper. The collection of rolled paper keeps changing hour by hour recording all the changes within the space at the moment.


Kim’s ‘Seed universe’ was originally inspired by anonymous world map ‘Cheonhado(天下圖)’ at the time of no surveying and no aerial view, during 17-18c Joseon dynasty. It was an imaginative view of world order at that time as well.


Kim aims to construct a new version of ‘Cheonhado 天下圖,’ which inhabits as a daily record of our living space. Tenderly but surprisingly visible becomes how to reflect all the changes within the space at the moment. The moment map becomes an internal landscape that the viewers wander around.


Kim’s sculptural canvas and tactile painting quality initiate sensory updates of her Cheonhado; endless up and down waves by her ‘paper seed’ units, bold and dense juxtaposition of hand dyed colors, and very mild reflection between ‘Hanji’ paper units. Kim’s new map keeps revised in a quiet and constant manner.


Kim’s ‘Cheonhado’ achieves a unique moment map doing its own constant updates at the installation space. The moment map keeps changing all day long. Now, Cheonhado’s fate does not mean to be ‘ephemeral’, but being decisively loyal to each emotional moment here, now.


1996  M.F.A Dept. of Oriental Paintings, Hong-Ik University, Seoul

1991  B.F.A  Dept. of Oriental Paintings, Hong-Ik University, Seoul



2019 “Seed System”, The House of Fine Art, London, UK

2018  “Sensory Portrait” The House of Fine Art, London, UK

2017  “Seeds of the Universe” The House of Fine Art, London, UK

2016  “Seed Universe 天下圖,” Dennos Museum, MI, USA

2015  宇宙的种子(Seed Universe), 三玄社 Arte Place, Guangzhou Opera House, China

2013  Art Karlsruhe 2013, Karlsruhe, Germany

2012  Gallery K, Seoul

2009 Insa Art Center, Seoul
Seoul Auction Gallery, Seoul

2008  “Golden Eyes”.  Coex, Seoul

2004 “Plant Sense”. Heiri Art Village, Paju,

Insa Art Center, Seoul

THE SOCIAL gallery, Seoul

2003 Chuiong Art Gallery, Gapyung
MANIF Seoul 03, Seoul Art Center, Seoul​

2002 Insa Art Center, Seoul

KCAF, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

Wobong Art Gallery , Taegu

2001 Myungdong Gallery, Seoul

2000 Seongkok Art Museum , Seoul

1997 Seonam Art Museum, Seoul

1996 Jongro Gallery, Seoul




2018  Brafa, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium (Jan. 27-Feb. 4), Kalman Maklary Fine Arts

2018  Art Palm Springs, Palm Springs (Feb. 15-19), Donghwa Ode Gallery

2018  “Made in Asia”, Opera Gallery NYC, USA (Mar. 14-27)

2018   Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France (Apr. 5-8), Kalman Maklary Fine Arts

2018   Art New York, NYC, USA (May 3-6), Donghwa Ode Gallery

2018  “Korean Contemporary”, Opera Gallery Seoul, Korea (May 17-June 28)

2018   Art Aspen, Aspen Ice Garden, Aspen, USA (July 27-29), Donghwa Ode Gallery

2018   “From Nature to Culture”, Opera Gallery Paris, France (Oct 12 – 26)

2018   “Quantum”, The House of Fine Art, West Hollywood, LA, USA (Oct 24-Nov 24)

2018  Luxembourg Art Week 2018, “Positions”, Luxembourg (Nov 9-11), Artskoco Gallery

2018  “Touch of Korea”, Kalman Maklary Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary (Nov 16 – 20)


2017  “Dismantle The Core,” Elaine L. Jacob Gallery, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA

2017  “Paper Revelation,” Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Foundation, NYC, USA

2017 “A Sustaining Life,” Bergdorf Goodman, NYC, USA

2017  “Re: Collection,” Waterfall Gallery, NYC, USA

2017  Art Miami, Miami, FL, USA

2017  Art Aspen, Aspen Ice Garden, Aspen, USA

2017  Masterpiece London, London, UK

2017  Art Central, Hong Kong, China

2017  Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France

2017  BRAFA, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium

2017  Context New York, NYC, USA

2017 Art Wynwood, Miami, FL, USA

2017 Art Vienna, Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria

2017 Art Fair Tokyo 2017, Tokyo International Forum, Japan

2017  Palm Beach Modern+Contemporary, West Palm Beach, FL, USA

2017  Art Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, FL, USA


2016  “A Sustaining Life,” Waterfall Gallery, NYC, USA

2016   Art Miami, Miami, FL, USA

2016  Context Art Miami, Miami, FL, USA

2016  SOFA(Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design), Navy Pier, Chicago, USA

2016  Art Toronto, Toronto, Canada


and More than 56 Group Exhibition



1999  The Grand Prize, MANIF Seoul 99
Excellence Award, Art Exhibition of Sosabeol

1996  Excellence Award, The 16th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea