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Looking at every object without thinking about its name and use, anyone will be impressed with the beauty of figure and abstraction hidden in general objects. The abstraction might already be actualized completely in every concrete object around us. Things I draw do not own a name. They are simply just ‘things’. I hope viewers can fully feel the property of matter in my drawing. I’m interested in practical and solid force in the existential material world. It is the world felt with the whole body, which is not to be seen as materialistic interest though. The real reason I lay my interest upon materials is that I believe the materials can be a key to the metaphysical world beyond the materials. I think, reaching spirituality through materials is a relatively safer inductive method. In such sense, what I draw is one of ‘signs’ or possibly, ‘letters’. Music is played as I create a solid composition and arrange the colors neatly with the absolutely materialistic objects. The music is heard by heart, creates a private space and opens a door to the metaphysical world. At the very moment, the objects are symbolized to lead us into the world beyond the materials.


B.F.A   Department of Fine Art, Sangmyung University, Seoul, Korea




 2014   Still-Life (Gallery Yeemock, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Still-Life (Gallery Yeemock, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Sweet (Prior’s Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2008   Sweet (Singapore Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore)

2007   Still-Life (Haitai Gallery, Seoul, Korea)




2014   Paiting & Bowl (Gallery 3, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Asia Contemporary Art Show (Hong Kong)

2014   Art Show Busan (Bexco, Busan, Korea)

2013   Art & Cook (Sejong Center Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Sweet Temptation (Jeju Art Museum, Jeju, Korea)

2013   Near and Dear Objects (7 Adam, Art on Gallery, Singapore)

2012   Reality Equals Dream (ION, Art on Gallery, Singapore)

2012   Tasty Land (Yangpyung Art Museum, Yangpyung, Korea)

2011   Hope & Love Wave (NOAM Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2011   Art in Life, Life in Art (Art on Gallery, Singapore)

2011   Color x Art x Play x 3 (Oulim art museum, Korea)

2011   POPing Day (POP Art Factory Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Art Auction Show (Gana Art Center & Seoul Auction, Korea)

2010   Now Asian Artist (Busan Biennale, Busan, Korea)

2010   A Delicious Picture (Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Brand New: Best of Breed (Gallery Won, Seoul, Korea)

2010   12th Cutting Edge (Seoul Auction, Seoul, Korea)

2010   The more, the better – Sun Gallery 33rd Anniversary Exhibition (Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2008   Asia Contemporary Art Fair (New York, NY, U.S.A.)

2008   Korea Excellent Young Artist Exhibition (The Chosun Ilbo Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2008   First Steps (Beijing 798, Art Seasons Gallery, China)

2008   Fall in Love with Still-Life (Insa Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2007   Fruite (Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2007   Critical Perspective, 130 Artists (Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2007   Recto and Verso of Korean Hyper Realism (LVS Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2007   Contemporary expressions of Korea Young Artist (Hanaro Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2006   UN World Peace Art (Danwon Gallery, Cheongdo, Korea)

2005   Holy Picture (Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea)