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Huue’ Invitation | 2018 SOFA Chicago

A ceramist, Eunghan Choi, has experienced more than 150 exhibitions, including five solo exhibitions. He is constantly studying and experimenting with the physical properties of soil — finding materials for ceramics — and as a result, he produces artworks different from other, more common materials.
One of the representative ceramists in Korea. whose work is displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Jucheol Yun combines traditional and modern techniques into his artwork. He uses the unique “Cheomjang” (첨장) technique, which he devised himself. The technique is transformed from the traditional Korean ceramic technique, which repeats engobes and drying for a long period. After all the steps, a super-dense, unique, appearance is produced.
The artwork by artist, Junyoung Kang, is a mix of energy and turbulence, giving us the feeling of looking at graffiti. His colorful style and color ranges were influenced by the street pop culture during his childhood in Australia. He has been active in the global art scene, particularly in Europe and Asia. The main theme of his art is “Family Love”. He expresses this theme through modern languages and different mediums, covering not only ceramics, but also paint, found objects, mixed media, etc.
A young and representative Korean artist, Kajin Lee, who majored in Ceramic at Seoul National University, reinterprets the traditional “celadon” with a modern take. She puts weight on the expression of the material properties, and as such, the characteristics of these materials are directly reflected in her work. The richness of the celadon is a result of a complicated process of thickening and layering where the artist blends glazes and shapes them into waterdrops.
Saerom Yoon puts the experience of nature into furniture. He started to use “acrylic” to express the light in various aspects of the sky and its immaterial space. The straight-lined structure of the furniture is a result of elaborate molding experiments. Through the artist’s handcrafted efforts, especially in the process of applying colors onto acrylic, the furnitures become art objects. His work is now very popular with private collectors around the world.
Sooyeon Hong is an abstract painter who has silently made her own path toward formative development over the past 10 years. Her artwork is created with an exquisite blend of small amounts of pigments, various kinds of transparent mediums, acrylic paints, and the flow of time. The artist catches the moment of tension and excitement through organic flows. Her artworks can be found across the world from the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea to the Conrad Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul, and the Korean Embassy in Hague and Delhi.
Artist Yong R. Kwon has been working and experimenting with lights since his college years in the 1980s. Recently, he has cemented his position as a global artist and his artwork has been displayed in different countries. His study on lights started in college with paintings of light reflections in his dark basement studio. It led him to produce a unique “unit”, which reflects light by itself. The units are made by repeatedly bending and hammering stainless steel pieces with an artisan eye and mindset. When these units are gathered together, his artworks finally reveal the physical attraction of light.
A creative and experimental young artist, Yunhee Lee is recognized not only in her home country of South Korea, but also in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many other countries. She continues her creative work globally, using traditional white porcelain and layers of gold finish to complete the mysterious look of her work. The combination of “skull” and traditional Korean roof tile, “giwa”, arouses international interest.
A collaborative artist brand, YOON depicts a minimal dining style by reinterpreting traditional Korean brassware, “Bangjja”, (방짜) in a modern way. Yoonjung Lee, a jewelry designer who studied Fine Arts, collaborates with an artisan, Hyung-geun Lee, who was appointed as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Korea. YOON’s dining ware is completed by Myongwook Huh’s “Ottchil” (옻칠; Korea’s traditional way of varnishing with lacquer).