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Even though people pursue the ideal, they live in sympathy with the reality. Since a conflict of the Real and the Ideal is inevitable, we live in the agony of choices. This conflict makes Ego and cuts it off from the outside world. The severance always prevents the ego from communicating to outside. I painted glass, nature, indoor space to depict the confined space of ego. Unlike the silent outside of glass, the inside is unstability. It is showing that the cause of alienation and instability between the real and the ideal, in fact, exists not outside but inside. The isolated ego is existence adopting to the reality with a passive attitude. This space represents the limit but also includes the infinite possibility. By placeing symbols indicating strong sill to communicate to the outside world, I tried to express my wish to recover the communicate, and moreover, to accomplish the harmony.


2013   M.F.A   Department of Oriental Painting, Sungshin Women’s University, Korea

2009   B.F.A   Department of Oriental Painting, Sungshin Women’s University, Korea




2016   In an Ideal (Gallery Si:Jac, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Take a Rest (Hotel Manu, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Space (Gallery The K, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Coexistence and… Curtain (Galley Doll, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Communication (Gallery Gana Art Space, Seoul, Korea)




2016 Sungshin Oriental Painting Exhibition (Insa Artcenter, Seoul)

2015   Air Box (Yonaruky, Paju, Korea)

2015   A Good Star’ Exhibition (Yonaruky, Paju, Korea)

2015   Young Revolution (Gallery Huue, Singapore)

2014   Hope Project (Art company Gig, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Sungshin Oriental Painting Exhibition (Insa Artcenter, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Art campaign Cheating Art (Seoul foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, Korea)

2013   Art campaign Cheating Art (Seoul foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, Korea)

2012   Korean Painting Quest Exhibition (Gallery HOSA, Daegu, Korea)

2012   Korea-China Painting Exhibition (Beihang Art Center, Beijing, China)

2012   Art Factory Project (Migock Changgo, Seocheon, Korea)

2011   Intimate Wavelength (Ujung Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2011   50 Exhibition (Seoul National University Space 599, Seoul, Korea)

2010   The Opening of a Sungshin Women’s University (Insa Artcenter, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Four Pieces (Artspace H, Seoul, Korea)

2010   Bravo Youth (Hyundae Department Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Sungshin Oriental Painting Exhibition (Hawbong Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Mind and Expression (Galleria Soonsoo, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Perspective of Generations of New Shape (Youngart Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Better (Sungshin Women’s University Soojung Hall, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Growth Project of Dreamers (Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul, Korea)

2009   New School (Young Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2009   Spread My Dreams (Youngart Gallery, Seoul, Korea)