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Marc Chagall said “Great art picks up where nature ends.” Soo Jeong Choi create her work by taking photos of real-life nature, a space familiar to us, then recombine and reconstruct them, to create a 3rd space that lives and breathes a new and different life. This recreated space may look like a familiar landscape at first sight, but on closer look, it is nature in completely different form that one has never encountered before. This is the focus of Choi’s work, expressing the energy within a recreated invisible space. She uses digital photo collage to recreate a fictitious landscape complete with mountains at its autumn best, the trees that have silently grown their roots in it, waterfalls full of life, and deer with capturing, sparkling gaze. The gap between the real-life photo and the recreated fictitious space expresses a contradiction between reality and the ideal. Through this gap, a viewer can break the barriers and expand their scope of interpretation and paradoxical expression. Soo Jeong lives and works in Seoul, Korea. She is a young artist in early thirties, but has already been invited to countless exhibitions and art fairs from around the world, including two very successful solo exhibitions.


2010   Hongik University, Graduate studies in Space Design, M.F.A, Seoul, Korea 2006   Hongik University, College of Arts, Dep. Of Sculpture, B.F.A, Seoul, Korea


2013 illusion a.m. 4:17′ Duru Artspace , Seoul, Korea illusion a.m. 4:17′ Gallery Now, Seoul, Korea


2014 ‘Contemporary Art, Dreaming of Utopia’, Ewha Womans University Museum, Korea ‘ Neo-Sansu’, Daegu Art Museum, Korea ‘Affordable art fair’, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong ‘LA ART SHOW’ LA Convention Center, LA, U.S.A 2013 ‘Scope Miami Beach 2013’, Miami, U.S.A ‘Affordable art fair Singapore’, F1 Pit Building , Singapore ‘2013 Art Toronto’ , Toronto Convention Centre, Canada ‘Affordable art fair Mexico ‘, Mexico ‘REALITY, Between Representation and Autonomy ‘ Gyeongnam Art Museum, Korea ‘Unfamiliar Imagination’, Gallery Now, Korea ‘Bank Art Fair Hong Kong ‘, Hong Kong Shangri-La, Hong Kong ‘Affordable art fair’, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong