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2017 Newsletter Vol. 1

[mpc_vc_deco_header type="h3" text="2017 New Year Greeting "] " With appreciation of the support you have given us during the past year, Gallery Huue extend happy and successful New Year 2017! " -Huue team- Notice | Gallery Huue is now on holiday! We will re-open on Monday, 9 January 2017 as usual. [mpc_vc_deco_header type="h3" text="Upcoming Exhibition "] Lee Kang Wook Solo Exhibition [mpc_vc_deco_header type="h3" text="Past Exhibition "] 2016 Craft Trend Fair Gallery Huue's participation in the 2016 Trend Craft Fair Gallery Huue was invited to Craft Trend Fair 2016 Seoul, Korea in December. This was our first exhibition in Korea and we are grateful for so much attention it received. We hope this can be our springboard for Huue's launch in Korea. Please give us encouragement...


ABOUT ARTIST JOO JUNG MIN A world of plants comes to life in varied colors in Joo Jung Min’s artwork. Joo captured the changing color of life, seasons, and of emotions of being with someone, in a mysterious colossal world of imaginative nature. The artist’s forest becomes the viewer’s forest as it reminds us that we, humans, in the end, belong to nature. The imaginative forest and its plants are recreated in a collage, in which each pieces are drawn, cut, and attached one by one by the artist herself. This collage takes on another form of life in her media art, with the forests changing and moving with serene background audio, more temptingly drawing in the viewer to experience the nature’s mystic. Breaking the...


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LEE GIL RAE ‘Approaching to shapes of natural objects with repetitive accumulation of objects.’ There's no need for it to be a tree necessarily but pine trees are the face of our forests which put down roots in every mountain and stream of this country. My concept aims at their strong and full vitality. It can be said that the shape of trees as natural objects is expansion of nature-friendly vision and  indulgence into the Oriental misen-en-scene. I wanted to take a major step forward toward direction to express dynamic vitality of organisms here.   Education Graduated from Dept. of Art Education, Kyunghee Univ. M. A. Dept. of Sculpture, Kyunghee Univ. Solo Exhibitions 2015 The 9th Solo Exhibition, Gyumjaejungsun Museum, Seoul 2012 The 8th Solo Exhibition, Galerie...
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