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Sohn Jinah Solo Exhibition

SOHN JINAH Solo Exhibition (16/1 ~ 14/2)   Jinah Sohn, who spent almost two decades creating art with chair as a motif, boldly adopted a very different style with “lines and patterns” in her solo exhibition last year, turning around her identity of “chair artist”. She introduced new pieces configured with figurative elements and elaborate patterns. If her previous solo exhibition was a warm-up session of her transition into new series of works, “Inscape Scape” series to be exhibited at Gallery Huue features a more mature combination of perfected patterns with new nature images. Her recent works are not unfamiliar to us anymore despite the absence of chairs that were a longtime symbol of the artist. Sohn ceases to obsess over the meaning provided by an object. Rather, she concentrates on the basic instinctive act of...
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