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R.E.D. Reality Equals Dream

PAST EXHIBITION Reality Equals Dream Speaking of Korean Craft and Art, its aesthetic value, and its everyday grace. Dream is always a dream; it cannot be reached by the realm of reality. A typical dream is a positive imagination but it can also be infinite possibilities unfolded by a mind. There are people who use imagination to make dream a reality using their own unique tools. They are artists. Artists seek to communicate with the world. Worlds of artists bridge dream and reality, creating variety of panorama mixed with logical imaginations and fantasies. Imaginative images reflected in artworks are visually stationary; however they constantly tell new stories by freely expanding or contracting in the eyes of the beholder. The viewer also writes new stories of...

Art in Life, Life in Art

PAST EXHIBITION Art in Life, Life in Art Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition The exhibition, under the title of 'Art in Life, Life in Art', aims to apply an artistic angle to the things in our ordinary space, being true to our philosophy of bringing serendipity to everyday space. Showing an artwork is easy. Captivating the viewer is not. The exhibition aims to provide a differentiated experience to viewers by demonstrating how artwork can shine in different ways in harmony with the space that surrounds it rather than force one-way appreciation of artwork in isolation. To do that, an expert from Kemistry of Style, an Italy based interior design firm, has designed various virtual spaces using 3D rendering graphic design technique. Through close collaboration between the two...

Arteastiq 789 Gallery

PAST EXHIBITION Arteastiq 789 Gallery Korea and China Contemporary Art Exhibition Share PRESENTING WORKS BY Jung Hai Yun     Lee Young Ji     Kang Jun Young     Lee Kyong Ju Choi Young Wook     Park Shin Young     Kim Mun Kyung    Jeon Woong PLACE Arteastiq Gallery 789 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk #02-19/20 Singapore 039596 Tel: +65 63335117 www.arteastiq.com EXHIBITION PEORIOD 1st August 2012 - 30th September 2012 PUBLICATION
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