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Affordable Art Fair Spring 2015

PAST EXHIBITION   Affordable Art fair Singapore Spring 2015 Gallery HUUE has participated in Affordable Art fair Singapore Spring 2015. Thank you for showing interest in our artworks and it was a great pleasure explaining our pieces. Please feel free to visit our gallery to view the artworks from the fair and other collections. Share PRESENTING WORKS BY Lee DaeChul Suh JiSun Wang ZiWon Lee JungMin Choi EungHan Maeng WookJae Shin DongWon Yang JungSook PLACE F1 Pit building, 1 Republic Boulevard Singapore 038975 OPENING HOURS Private View  Thursday 16 April 6pm - 10pm Public Opening Hours Friday 17 April 12pm - 6pm Saturday 18 April 11am - 8pm Sunday 19 April 11am - 6pm PUBLICATION

Huue Collection 2015

PAST EXHIBITION HUUE COLLECTION March 10 Tuesday to March 29 Sunday 2015 Featuring : Various artist Kim ChanIl, Lee KangWook, Sung YoungRok, Kang JunYoung, Kim ByungJoo, Ha Hyungsun, Hong SooYeon, Kim ByungJin, Maeng WookJae, Hwang HyunSeung, Song Yulim, Lee JiYoung, Choi EungHan, Kim HyunJoo, Lee YoonHee PRESENTING WORKS BY Kim ChanIl, Lee KangWook, Sung YoungRok, Kang JunYoung, Kim ByungJoo, Ha, Hyungsun, Hong SooYeon, Kim ByungJin, Maeng WooJae, Hwang HyunSeung, Song, Yulim, Lee JiYoung, Choi EungHan, Kim HyunJoo, Lee YoonHee PLACE   Gallery HUUE 188 Bukit Timah Road T: +65 6330 2805 OPENING HOURS   10:00 am - 7:00 pm (Tue. - Fri.) 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Sat. - Sun.) Monday & Public Holidays closed (By appointment only) PUBLICATION


PAST EXHIBITION Kim Chanil Solo Exhibition - The Impression of Line 1 November-20 December, 2014 The Impression of Line Since the founding in 2010 as Art On Gallery, we’ve introduced Korean artists to Singapore via an array of enriching exhibits featuring renowned and up-and-coming artists. Now with the new name Gallery Huue, we plan to continue on our journey with a rejuvenated effort, largely thanks to our newly renovated space designed specifically for the purpose of showcasing Korean art. Kim’s artworks effortlessly embody the understated elegance, and we specifically selected Kim due to the fact his artwork captures the artistic direction of our gallery. His works evokes a calm and meditative first impression that eases the mind into a tranquil state. This emotion soon gives way...

Affordable Art Fair Fall 2014

PAST EXHIBITION  AFFORDABLE ART FAIR (20~23, November, 2014 ) Gallery Huue attended Affordable Art Fair Singapore from 20~23 November. Presenting works by 11 artists: HWANG HYUNSEUNG KANG JUN YOUNG KIM BYUNG JOO KIM EUN MI LEE JI YOUNG LEE YUN HEE OH JE HOON SONG YULIM HWANG YEONSIL PARK SHINYOUNG JOO JUNGMIN Share


PAST EXHIBITION HUE (休): REST, THE AMERICAN CLUB Contemporary lyrical Korean Art The title of this exhibition, HUE (休): REST, is a korean word that means rest, to take a break, to pause or beauty and to praise the beauty. In this sense, HUE is an essential part of every human being’s lives, just like a small does of viatmin is essential to keep a human body to function. American Club members come to the Club to escape from the busy dail cycles of life and to engage in activities through which they can rest their minds. Whether the artwork is intended for aesthetic appreciation or philosophical narrative, all artwork relize its true worth and splendor when it exist embedded in people’s lives and offer fulfilment...

Young Revolution

PAST EXHIBITION Young Revolution Showcasing 19 Young Contemporary Artists From Korea Youths are 'Revolutionary'. In this sense, they are consistently yearning for something new or looking to confront and overcome challenges. To celebrate the 'revolutionary youths', Young Revolution opens its first series of exhibitions in 2014. This exhibition, “2014 Young Revolution”, features selection of works from Korean artists aged between 25 to 35 years who, by their use of diverse range of mediums and concepts, have challenged the parameters of Korean contemporary art. The artworks are dynamic in their perception and diverse in their expression which unequivocally displays traits fitting to the generation of these artists. Through eclectic genre of artworks including painting, sculpture, oriental painting, photography, video art and ceramics, “2014 Young Revolution” presents a...

Lee Kang Wook: Solo Exhibition

PAST EXHIBITION Lee Kang Wook Solo Exhibition ‘Invisible Space’ Lee Kang Wook combines microscopic and the macroscopic view of the world into one work. His work depicts maps of human cells seen only via microscope, but at the same time, this is overlaid by a view of the vast universe. The combination of these two worlds is yet another new space, a space of imagination and fantasy, undetectable in our daily lives yet whose force is present and influential. The canvas is full of delicate lines and panes that seem to freely float around. They are sometimes overlapping, sometime not, as if to escape and seek an encounter at the same time. In a world where the body and the universe is one, the artist seem...

Park Sang Nam: Solo Exhibition

PAST EXHIBITION Park Sang Nam Solo Exhibition Walk/ Get/ Divide Artworks of Sangnam Park express roads of city dwellers through duplex screens involving both abstract and representation. His work can be categorized as an abstract painting in that the work simply lists crude elements of dot, line, and page, but also as a representational painting in that it actively tries to reveal a specific subject and the stories relating to the subject. The subject that the artist is actively pursuing to reveal is something that is too common in the city for proper attention: road. Through cracks and scratches naturally formed in asphalt road with passage of time, the artist intends to tell a story of an individual or city people in general about their lives,...

Near And Dear Objects

PAST EXHIBITION Near And Dear Objects New Horizon of Korean Contemporary Art Art history has made a dramatic turn in the late 20th century. Artists have started to spill out experimental works using new medium. These experimental works held their value and meaning in their effort to overcome the logic of modernism that had clearly separated different genre. However, that was just a start of trial and error in the art world, one of many efforts in seeking new possibilities of art. In order for the trend to stand as a style, it needs to gain sympathy of the public that tries to understand art, as was the case with previous art genres. It is in such context that 7 Adams and Art On Gallery are jointly...
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