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SOHN JINAH Solo Exhibition | Nature – Inscape

PAST EXHIBITION Sohn Jinah Solo Exhibition | Nature - Inscape Sohn pays attention to the most basic formal elements and structures drawn out by the dots, lines, planes, and patterns that convey the afterimages of a certain change. Sohn’s works that have now returned to lines and patterns seem to have arrived at a point of change and transformation that seeks a silent something through a repetitive performativity. The act of filling out the screen is in itself a composition of loose and tight lines and planes, in the manner of seeking to liberate something. Although not a rhythm of the strict lines and planes that Mondrian had pursued, Sohn’s art hints at the restrained aesthetics of theosophy that seeks spirituality through the most fundamental combinations of lines and planes. However, while Sohn’s lines...

Art Stage Singapore 2016

PAST EXHIBITION Art Stage Singapore 2016Art Stage Singapore 2016 Gallery HUUE has participated in Art Stage Singapore 2016. Thank you for showing interest in our artworks and it was a great pleasure explaining our pieces. Please feel free to visit our gallery to view the artworks from the fair and other collections.     Share PRESENTING WORKS BY Kim Chan Il Kim Byung Joo Sohn Jinah Park Sang Nam Hong Sooyeon Lee Yun Hee PLACE Sands Expo and Convention Centre 10 Bayfront Avenue Singapore 018956 OPENING HOURS VIP Preview  Wednesday 20 January 3pm – 6pm Vernissage Wednesday 20 January 6pm – 9pm Public Opening Hours Thursday 21 January noon – 8pm Friday 22 January noon – 7pm Saturday 23 January 11am – 7pm Sunday 24 January...

Kim Byung Joo Solo Exhibition

PAST EXHIBITION Ambiguous Wall Marriage of in and out The combination of structures that make up the internal and external spaces that seemingly cannot coexist, and the combination of the shadows that reflect the shape of the spaces are the characteristic of Kim Byung Joo's architectural sculptures. The artist faithfully narrates his subject using all possibilities and technicalities that sculptural techniques display thereby giving realism and abstractness to his works at the same time. At a glance, Kim's works seem to have directly borrowed from the architectural forms our eyes are so used to, but a scrutinizing look reveals paradoxical combinations of structures that appear to ambiguously suggest new spaces, but actually has systematic configuration within. Titles such as <Familiar Scene> and <Ambiguous Wall> typically...


PAST EXHIBITION Affordable Art Fair Fall 2015 Gallery HUUE has participated in Affordable Art Fair Singapore Fall 2015. Thank you for showing interest in our artworks and it was a great pleasure explaining our pieces. Please feel free to visit our gallery to view the artworks from the fair and other collections.       Share PRESENTING WORKS BY GABOMI Lim Soo Sik Lee Eun Sun Koo Seong Youn Kang Jun Young Kim Byung Joo PLACE Booth No. 3D-19 F1 Pit Building, 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore 038975 OPENING HOURS PUBLICATION


PAST EXHIBITION ROOM Gallery HUUE is pleased to curate an exhibition to provide ideas of how artwork and art pieces can shift any room into a beautifully artistic space with various paintings, sculptures, and craft works. We will present the significant meaning of art, which shapes our living spaces and how they meld with our lives. With this exhibition, Gallery HUUE would like to define that art is nothing farfetched from our life, but rather something that has always been with us: Life in art, Art in life. Share PRESENTING WORKS BY Ahn Yunmo Choi Youngwook Container 5-1 by Choi Eunji Gonggi by Ji Seungmin Haam Indra Dodi Kang Heejung Kim Byungjin Kim Saeyoul Lee Changhwa Lee Neungho Mahine Rattonsey Millord by Yoo Jungmin Na Kwangho...

Artists that HUUE loves

PAST EXHIBITION Artists that HUUE Loves   Showcasing of 14 artists that HUUE loves Share PRESENTING WORKS BY Lee, Chung Min GABOMI. Lee Yun Hee Kim Soo Kang Lim Soo Sik Park Jin Hee Kim Byung Jin Lee Ji Young Cho Hae Young Kim Chanil Shin Dong Won Kang Jun Young Lee Kang Wook Lee Dae Chul PLACE Gallery HUUE 188 Bukit Timah Road Tel: (65) 6334 2805 OPENING HOURS 10:00 - 7:00 Monday to Friday 10:00 - 5:00 Saturday closed on Sunday  and National holidays PUBLICATION

2015 The International Design Poster Exhibition

PAST EXHIBITION 2015 The International Exhibition of Professional Artists This exhibition's theme, 'Pattern' does not only referrers to its superficial shape but also the form that appears in our everyday life and has ability to be recreated. Typically, we find patterns in life from architectures, fashions or crafts. But more broadly, patterns can be found from every corner of life. We would like to revisit the combination of such patterns in modern society's perspective to see how the beauty of traditional and modern patterns are harmonized all together in various cultures. Share PRESENTING WORKS BY PLACE Gallery HUUE 188 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229856 Tel: (65) 6334 2805 OPENING HOURS 10am - 7pm closed on Sunday and Public holidays OPENING PARTY July 9th, 5pm PUBLICATION

GAZE: A Contemplative mind

PAST EXHIBITION Gaze: A Contemplative Mind Gallery HUUE is proud to present our first photography exhibition. Now photography has been elevated to a position akin to painting as a key tool for artist and has solidified its standing in the world of contemporary art. It is not a surprise that many gallerists are increasingly paying close attention to this new powerful genre. Selection for the artist started with the background understanding of the lower recognition of photography compared to painting in the Singapore art scene. The dilemma was to whether to draw interest by introducing works that tell a complex and conceptual story or works that are comfortable but still has depth, those that the general public can also appreciate: a characteristic that has come...

2015 Young Revolution

PAST EXHIBITION   Young Revolution Showcasing 13 Young Contemporary Artists From Korea Youths are ‘Revolutionary’. In this sense, they are consistently yearning for something new or looking to confront and overcome challenges. To celebrate the ‘revolutionary youths’, Young Revolution opens its second series of exhibitions in 2015. This exhibition, “2015 Young Revolution”, features selection of works from Korean artists aged between 25 to 35 years who, by their use of diverse range of mediums and concepts, have challenged the parameters of Korean contemporary art. The artworks are dynamic in their perception and diverse in their expression which unequivocally displays traits fitting to the generation of these artists. Through eclectic genre of artworks including painting, sculpture, oriental painting, photography, video art and ceramics, “2015 Young Revolution”...
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