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‘Approaching to shapes of natural objects with repetitive accumulation of objects.’

There’s no need for it to be a tree necessarily but pine trees are the face of our forests which put down roots in every mountain and stream of this country. My concept aims at their strong and full vitality. It can be said that the shape of trees as natural objects is expansion of nature-friendly vision and  indulgence into the Oriental misen-en-scene. I wanted to take a major step forward toward direction to express dynamic vitality of organisms here.


Graduated from Dept. of Art Education, Kyunghee Univ.

M. A. Dept. of Sculpture, Kyunghee Univ.

2015 The 9th Solo Exhibition, Gyumjaejungsun Museum, Seoul

2012 The 8th Solo Exhibition, Galerie bk, Seoul

2010 The 7th Solo Exhibition, Savina Museum, Seoul

2008 The 6th Solo Exhibition, Savina Museum, Seoul

2007 The 5th Solo Exhibition, Art-space Camerata, Seoul

Korean Contemporary Art Festival, Seoul Art Center,

Hangaram Art Museum

2003 The 4th Solo Exhibition, Galerie Bhak, Seoul

2001 The 3rd Solo Exhibition, Galerie Bhak, Seoul

1997 The 2nd Solo Exhibition, Kum-Ho Museum, Seoul

1991 The 1st Solo Exhibition, Gallery Ye-Hyang, Seoul


-Art, Show, Space art1, Seoul

-2015 Hong Kong Art Fair, Hong Kong Arts Centre, hong Kong

-Conversion of recognition, Seo-Ho Museum, Gyung-gi Namyangju

-Art of Singapore city, Singapore Orchard Street, Singapore

-Art Night in Korea, Opera Gallery, Dubai

-Art Show Busan 2015, BEXCO, Busan

-Regeneration-Art Korean Contemporary, Opera Gallery, Paris


-地.天.命-2 Exhibition, Blue Square Ne mo Gallery, Seoul

-Gallery in Gaden, Incheon International Airport Millennium Hall, Inchen

-Korea Arts 7 Exhibition, Etroit Gallery, Mexico

-2014Jungsun International fire sculpture festival, Sam tan Art mine, Kang one

-Knowledge of healing-Emptying and filling, Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju

-Metal works today, Kimjongyoung Museum, Seoul

-Architectural sculpture, Soma Museum, Seoul

2013 -Jean François Larrieu&Lee Gil Rae 2 Exhibition, Opera Gallery, Seoul

-Elements of Nature, Opera Gallery, Singapore

-Jung gwang sik&Lee Gil Rae 2 Exhibition, Galeria Ethra, Mexico

-The high school art textbook, Gyohaksa, Seoul


-Pohang Steel Art Festival, Pohang Museum of Art, Pohang

-2012 Korean Artist Project,

-Google Art Projects 2,

-Tasty Land, Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong

-Metal Spirit, Gallery Grimson, Seoul

-Haïti Charity-Auction, Seoul Auction Gangnam, Seoul


-The Moving Arts Village, Nampo Art Gallery, Goheung

-POMA 2011 Art Way Project, Pohang Museum of Art,Pohang

-Art Jungle, garden5 Rooftop Garden, Seoul

-Remember you, Hyundai Arts Center, Ulsan

-The Secret Forest, Dream Forest Arts Center, Seoul

-Daegu Art Fair Special Exhibition of Modern Sculpture, Exco, Daegu

-The middle school art textbook, Gumsung publisher, Seoul


-Unexpected, D-art Gallery, Daejeon

-Seoul Art Exhibition-Sculpture, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

-International Art Taehwagang, Taehwa River, Ulsan

-International Sculpture Symposium Special Exhibition, Icheon City Museum, Icheon

-Republic of Korea, Seeking the future, Andong Cutural Arts Center, Andong


-Our Garden, The 5th Open-Air Sculpture Exhibition, Gimhae Arts and Sports Center, Gimhae Cosmetic Jam, Insa Art Center, Seoul

-New Morning, Seoul Art Center Gongpyeong Gallery, Seoul

-Special Exhibition for the Year of Ox, Jang Eun Sun Gallery, Seoul


The party-人, C.J.L.L.P.S Sculpture Exhibition, Gallery Kayang, Seoul

-Sehan-Do in My Mind, Photohouse Gallery, Seoul

-Space and Urban Design Exhibition, Old Seoul Station Museum, Seoul

-Hwaum Project, Seoul Art Center, Concert Hall, Seoul

-Arts and Play, Seoul Art Center, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul

-Creative Mind, Savina Museum, Seoul


-The Five selected Contemporary Sculptors Exhibition, Daegu Gallery Soheon, Daegu

-International Sculpture Symposium in Ichon, Ichon Seolbong Park, Ichon

-Korea-China-Japan Modern Arts Exhibition, Nowon District office, Seoul

-The 1st Open-Air Sculpture Exhibition, Pyramid Square in COEX Trade Center, Seoul

-Art-garden, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul

2006 -Art-park, Seongnam Art Center, Seongnam


-Outdoor project Blue in the stream, Seongnam Art Center, Seongnam

-Melting Zone, Gallery Davinchi, Seoul


-Should say not all Still Life, Gana Art Center, Seoul

-Outdoor project Festival, Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul

-Art & Environment, Galerie Bhak, Seoul


-40’s Artist, Gallery Moro, Seoul

-Seoul Auction Fair 2003, Seoul Auction A+Space, Seoul

-Kyunghee Univ. Art Education Exhibition, Gallery Chongro, Seoul


-Invitation Exhibition of Dong-A Art Award, Gallery Sang, Seoul

-Kyunghee Sculpture Association Exhibition, Insa Art Plaza, Seoul

-Members of Dong-A Artist Association Exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwa Cheon

-Sculpture and Space, Korea First Bank, Seoul


-Invitation Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Sculpture, Chunchen MBC, Chunchen

-Artists Today, The World Ceramic EXPO Open-air Pavilion, Seoul

-2001 to 2002 Sculpture Exhibition, Gallery lamer, Seoul


-Miami International Art Fair, Galerie Bhak, Miami Beach Convention Center, Florida, U.S.A

-Unification 2000, The National Assembly Building, Seoul

-200 Sculptors Invitation Exhibition, Gallery Wing, Seoul


-Invitation Exhibition of Jung-ang Art Award, Hoam Art Museum, Seoul

-Invitation Exhibition of Dong-A Art Award, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul

-San Francisco International Art Fair, Galerie Bhak Fort Mason Center, U.S.A.


-200 sculptors’ Artworks Exhibition, Sun Gallery, Seoul

-Gak Sculpture Exhibition, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul

-Drawing Crossing Exhibition, Kumho Museum, Seoul

-Pusan International Art Festival, Pusan Museum of Art,Pusan


-International Ceramic Biennalle, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

-Breathing of Korean People Exhibition, Art Hall, Seoul

-Invitation Exhibition of Dokushima University, Dokusima University Museum, Japan


-Members of Dong-A Artist Association Exhibition,National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwa Cheon

-Asia Modern Art Festival, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul


-Asia Modern Art Festival, Doll Gallery, Seoul

-Invitation Exhibition; Young Artist in Korea, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul


-Members of Dong-A Artist Association Exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwa Cheon

-Finding Han River, Gallery Jo-Hyung, Seoul

-Invitation Exhibition Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Kyunghee Univ., Seoul Art Hall, Seoul


2015 Korea Association of Art Critics Award

1995 Special Award in Jung-Ang Biennale

1990 Dong-A Art Award in the Dong-Art Festival

1989 Special Award in the 8th Great Art Exhibition of Korea

1988 Participation Award in the 11th Jung-Ang Greate Art Exhibition

1987 Special Award in the 5th Greate Art Exhibition of the youth

Kwachon National Museum of Contemporary Art

Seoul Museum of Art

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art

Samsung Foundation of Culture

CJ Foundation of Culture

Daegu Health College

Seoul Supreme Prosecutors Office Memorial Sculpture

Anseong Memorial Sculpture Park

Yeongdong Sculpture Park

Jinhae Jangbok Mountain Park Outdoor Sculpture

Bucheon dodang Park

Seoul Hanjin Haemoro

Hanjin Heavy Industries&Construction Office Building

Seoul Mariott Hotel

Gapyung Ecopia

Daegu Banwoldan

Moonkyung STX Resort

Pohang Valueplus

Nampo Art Museum

Seoul Plaza Hotel

Hanwha Galleria Forêt

Pohang Museum of Art

Mario Seoul

Capri Hotel in Singapore

Jw hotels in Guangzhou

Jw hotels in Hangzhou

Mexico Aranea

LIG Sachun Institute

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

Icheon City Hall