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The Latin factum, which is the origin of the English word fact, contains within it the meaning of made. For me this means that the truth as we know it is based upon things that are made”—things that we construct. My works deal with the past of a future which is made to appear real. The past of the future in this context embraces the present, and what I deal with is the present. The present only exists because the past has existed. By the same token, the future is an extension of the present. As a contemporary artist, I take note of present phenomena. The current state in which our present culture exists is perhaps a corollary of the co-existence of the traditional and the modern, the analogue and the digital, the Eastern and the Western, the past and the future, and folk beliefs and materialism. A sense of the continuity of time almost ceased to exist for Koreans at the time of Japanese colonial rule and the Korean War, leaving us with only disconnected moments in time and a past, present, and future launched into further confusion in the aftermath of rapid modernization and industrialization. As my works reflect and embody this history, they inevitably borrow features from a past that offers only a very obscure continuity.

In a way, then, I am trying to make visible what is invisible.

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M.F.A Hong-Ik University, College of Fine Art, Ceramic Dept., Seoul, Korea B.F.A Hong-Ik University, College of Fine Art, Ceramic & Glass Dept., Seoul, Korea


2011   <Evolution Mask> SONG EUN ART CUBE, Seoul, Korea 2010   <Defence mechanism >UMgallery, Seoul / Moosim Gallery, Chengju, Korea


2013   <Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2013, HOT ROOKIES> Changjo Center, Gyeonggido, Icheon 2013   <ART, Meet Brand> EW gallery, Seoul, Korea 2013   <pre- Drawing Biennale> MOA gallery, Heyri Art Valley, Paju, Korea 2013   <Pleasant Ceramics> Cerapia Changjo Center in KOCEF, Ichoen, Korea 2013   <Cross Over II> > Milal Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 2012   < Hongik International Art Festival> Hongik Univ. Art Center, Seoul, Korea 2012   <The 13th Crafts Arts Award of Korea 2012>, Somri, Inchoen, Korea 2012   < Breath of Clay>Sangwon Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 2012   <The 9th Ceramics Arts Award of Korea 2012>, Nokcheongja Museum, Inchoen, Korea 2012   <POSSIBILITY> GANA Art Edition, Seoul, Korea 2012   <Yoo Eui Jeong & Lee Yoon Hee> Gallery Puzz, Heyri Art Valley, Paju, Korea 2012   <Take out Ceramics> KCPF, Seoul, Korea 2012   <this is not Riedel, this is Glass for wine.> Gajin gallery, Seoul, Korea 2012   <CROSS> Space Duru gallery, Seoul, Korea 2012   <Korea- Hongkong, Heritage and Diversity> Hanyang Univ. Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 2012   <Cross Over> Milal Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea


2011   The 30th Seoul Contemporary Ceramic Art Contest (a Grand Prize) 2009   KBS Drama < Than the male flowers>, artwork coordination 2005   The 6th Clay Olympic Games -Univ. part (a Grand Prize) 2005   The 1nd Intel Home PC Design Contest (a Grand Prize)