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Gallery HUUE has participated in Art of Living Preview.
Thank you for showing interest in our artworks, it was a great pleasure exhibiting our pieces there.
please feel free to visit our gallery to view the artworks from the fair and other collections.

27th October 2017 – 30th October 2017
Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center

Kim Ae Young, An Artist, who expresses her thoughts through “CERAMICS”

Kim generally produces every piece of works based on a typical ceramics forms. Kim tells a variety of stories such as the hidden desires of humans and the absurdity of society by drawing pictures in the spaces created by transforming and recombining the forms of ceramics.
In particular, it features precise drawing with various stories on cross section of white porcelain with noble and elegant image.

Deformation and recombination of ceramics

This work is remarkable in that it is a reinterpretation of traditional ceramics. The artist devised a new type of pottery in a way that divides it into four equal parts in the central axis of the white porcelain and recombine in a new type.  She draws with a liquid gold in a dark background color on the inside of the quadrupled container to contrasts with the outer surface of the white porcelain.
In this work, which is separated and reconstructed by one’s sensibility, quarterly dividend every piece is the whole part but also have its own unique functions.
Its function is to protest the deviant context of being able to be placed in a small, posterior, “useless” space, in addition to the practical aspect that parts can be used as containers.

Kim Ae Young received her M.A in Ceramic Art and B.A in Ceramic&Glass Art at Hongik University, Seoul, Korea. In 2015, Kim presented her first Solo Exhibition “HUG”, Gallery E-hu, Seoul. After that, Kim has presented her artwork in many other group exhibitions such as : “Pray: Cherishing Life” GICB2017, Yeoju, Korea(2017); “Heritage and Diversity Invitational Ceramic Exhibition UK”, Belgium, Germany and Korea, Hanyang University Museum, Seoul (2017);  “Asian Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition”,  Stunning Edge (National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, (2016); “Invitation Exhibition of European& Korean ceramics” Hanyang University Museum, Seoul (2016); “Cross Over V”, Milal Museum of Art, Seoul(2016) and many more.

Lee Kang Wook‘s recent works are unveiled at his solo exhibition <Abstract, Color, and Gesture>

24th October 2017 – 21st January 2018
ARARIO GALLERY, Cheonan, Korea

Choi Young Wook‘s recent Karma series is now on view at Gallery 343.

16th October 2017 – 15th January 2018
DaeShin Finance Center 6F Gallery 343, Seoul, Korea

Lim Soo Sik has an exhibition <Chaekgado: Still life and Portrait> at The Museum of Photography

21st October 2017 – 25th November 2017
The Museum of Photography, Seoul, Korea