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Set within the 5th Edition of Jewellery & Gem Fair, Art of Living Preview is featuring contemporary art,
crafts and furniture from more than 30 artists and designers.

HUUE will be a part of Art of Living Preview in October with artworks by

Kim Byung Jin, Kim Byung Joo, Kim Jonak, Koo Seong Youn, Lee Kang Wook, Oh Yumi,
Rina Menardi, Song Jiyeon, and Utopia&Utility

27th October 2017 – 30th October 2017
Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, Hall B

Yim Jin-Seong, an artist who transcends the limits of Korean painting through diverse experiments

Yim paints based on the tradition of Korea’s Real Scenery Landscape, but he is not confined by the dogma of tradition. He succeeded in contemporizing his style by researching space, iconography, and the meaning of landscape thoroughly.

Expression of His Awareness through Firsthand Experience

The series of <The Dream Walker in Mt.Kumgang> shows what Yim experienced from Mt.Kumgang where it is believed to be a utopia to Korean since ancient times. When the first tourist business, which allowed South Koreans to visit Mt.Kumgang located in North Korea, started following the decades long division in the country, the artist had an opportunity to visit a remote village in the mountain. He witnessed that the opening of tourism, ironically, took away the homes of the people who originally lived there.

After this incident, he began to see Mt.Kumgang not as a utopia but as a floating space between reality and an ideal world. Thus, the series of painting was started to express the artist’s opinion about this desiccate utopian landscape. As a result, he paints indefinite floating mountains, dreaming of amusement in utopia, using delicately overlapping lines of golden powder applied with thin brush stoke based on the technique of Chinese ink and wash painting.

Holding a moonlight of dawn

Yim enjoys himself painting at dawn. In <Endless Creation of Life>, another of his painting series, he reveals the silhouette of moonlit bamboo with a distinctive blue color in dark background. The artist chooses bamboo tree, a meaning of fidelity and tenacious vitality, to insist that people should pay more careful attention to the essence of mankind and against those who follow an unquestionable pragmatism that undermines the dignity of human beings.

Yim Jin-Seong studied oriental painting and received his MFA and Ph.D at Hongik University, Seoul, Korea. Yim has shown his work in solo and group exhibitions including “Endless Creation of Life” Insa Art Center, Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Seoul (2017); “Seosan Landscape” Seosan City Cultural Center, Seosan (2016); Dosan Art Gallery, Canada (2012); and “The Contemplation and The Correspondence of Winter Tree” Insa Art Center, Seoul (2010), among others. His works are included in the collection of major institutions, such as National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Art Bank, Korea; Suwon IPARK Museum of Art, Korea; Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Korea; and The Blue House, Korea.

Lim Soo Sik’s Artwork Chaekgado(冊架圖) 389 is now on view
at <Deoksugung Outdoor Project: Light, Sound, Landscape>

1st September 2017 – 26th November 2017
Deoksugung Palace, Seoul, Korea

This exhibition is organized by Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea.

Kim Byung Joo is invited to a Group Exhibition <The Anti-Art Museum Show: Stand against>

16th September 2017 – 25th October 2017
K Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

Japanese photographer GABOMI REI’s solo exhibition <OBOO> will be held in Matsuyama, presenting her recent photograph works taken in North Mongolia.

14th October 2017 – 19th November 2017
Mustakivi Gallery, Matsuyama, Japan

HUUE Contemporary Seoul will be on holiday from 2nd to 9th of October
for Korean Thanksgiving day.
Gallery HUUE in Singapore still opens as usual.