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Please come to visit us and appreciate unique artworks by emerging and established artists.

The exhibition ongoing until 20th October 2017

The Artling Pop-Up Presents over 80 artworks by some of the most promising artists
under the age of 40 from 7 different countries in Asia.

HUUE Featuring Artists
Kang Jun Young  |  Oh Je Hoon  |  Song Jiyeon

8th September 2017 – 17th September 2017,  Artspace@Helutrans

An artist who creates a whole new image through photo collage

The work of Jang Seung Hyo is a photographic collage, created from hundreds of photography works he has collected over the years. The artist seeks to make his work easily enjoyable by the mass in everyday life, rather than seeking art to be enjoyed within a white cube space for particular people.

Attention to a way of intuitive communication by images

The artist’s experience in New York City’s Time Square greatly influenced his subsequent work. Within a layer of buildings and billboards depicting unrealistic images as well as countless tourists amongst a forest of buildings, the artist is processing something that can be experienced only through his senses beyond the limitations of rational judgment. The artist regarded them as something raw and began to make his archives with a fascination over this state of consciousness, capturing them with his camera. These photographs were then rearranged and layered in order to evoke different states of emotions.

Jang Seung Hyo was born in 1971 in Busan and received his BFA, MFA in sculpture from Hongik University, Korea. In 2006, he moved to USA and studied at New York University, majored in sculpture. Since then, Jang has presented his artworks in various international art galleries, institutes and events such as Pattaya Art Festival, Thailand(2017), Daegu Photo Biennale, Korea(2016), Korean Eye, The Museum of Arts and Design, New York, USA(2011), etc. The artist currently lives and works in Seoul, Korea, continuing to seek to the potentiality of photo collage by collaborating with different realms.

Hong Soo Yeon presents her recent paintings at two-person exhibition
<Dialogue> with Heeseung Koh.

7th September 2017 – 6th October 2017
Nook Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Park Shin Young is nominated as a Singapore representing artist in a Duo Exhibition
at <The World Triennial of Prints and Original Engravings>
with Joseph Chiang, by showcasing 10 limited edition on metal and paper.

23rd September 2017 – 5th November 2017
La Maison des Beaumontois, Beaumont, France