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The 5th Gallery HUUE Collection

CURRENT EXHIBITION The 5th HUUE Collection OPENING HOURS 10:00AM - 7:00PM closed on Saturday, Sunday and National holidays PLACE Gallery HUUE 17 Mohamed Sultan Road (2nd Floor) Singapore, 238966 Tel: +65 6334 2805 PRESENTING WORKS BY Choi Young Wook Indra Dodi Kim Byung Joo Kim Chan-Il Kim Jonak Lee Kang Wook Sohn Jinah


LEE GIL RAE ‘Approaching to shapes of natural objects with repetitive accumulation of objects.’ There's no need for it to be a tree necessarily but pine trees are the face of our forests which put down roots in every mountain and stream of this country. My concept aims at their strong and full vitality. It...


ABOUT ARTISTBIOGRAPHY Yi Eun Chae Fire is a medium which unlocks the world of daydreams inherent in man and opens up to forgotten memories. Fire is a physical imagination, and the original form of the fundamental image that revives memories. Candles, although a form of fire, are fundamentally different from fire. The candle, of all...
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