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ABOUT ARTIST PARK SHIN YOUNG My prints represent the unique characteristics of today’s Singaporean society. To me, the most fascinating aspect of Singapore is its multi-cultural and eclectic society: diverse but not divided, busy yet orderly, where the best of both Eastern and Western worlds coexist. Through Ring of Chaos #, I want to capture...


PAST EXHIBITION Kim Chanil Solo Exhibition - The Impression of Line 1 November-20 December, 2014 The Impression of Line Since the founding in 2010 as Art On Gallery, we’ve introduced Korean artists to Singapore via an array of enriching exhibits featuring renowned and up-and-coming artists. Now with the new name Gallery Huue, we plan to continue...

Affordable Art Fair Fall 2014

PAST EXHIBITION  AFFORDABLE ART FAIR (20~23, November, 2014 ) Gallery Huue attended Affordable Art Fair Singapore from 20~23 November. Presenting works by 11 artists: HWANG HYUNSEUNG KANG JUN YOUNG KIM BYUNG JOO KIM EUN MI LEE JI YOUNG LEE YUN HEE OH JE HOON SONG YULIM HWANG YEONSIL PARK SHINYOUNG JOO JUNGMIN [mpc_vc_share_list title="Share" facebook="1" twitter="1" google_plus="1" pinterest="1"]


PAST EXHIBITION HUE (休): REST, THE AMERICAN CLUB Contemporary lyrical Korean Art The title of this exhibition, HUE (休): REST, is a korean word that means rest, to take a break, to pause or beauty and to praise the beauty. In this sense, HUE is an essential part of every human being’s lives, just like a...